Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Full Crow Moon 2018 - 2nd March

Keep a notebook by the bed as full moon hits Virgo.  Dreams will become vivid as the subconscious mind throws things to the fore – the key is, of course, to capture the message and recall it in the morning! 
For those of us who have been feeling overwhelmed with the Pisces influence this month then the Virgo Full Moon will bring a sense of groundedness to our lives.  The emotions will regulate with the winds of reason.   Our visions will find a magical way to manifest.  Working with others can help healing occur for both parties as you ride the waves together.  The crow moon is the culmination of all that has been building within; using this energy constructively by applying the Virgo ‘lantern of reason’ to situations can make sense of our deeper feelings, giving structure to our visions.

Friday, 9 February 2018

2 Day Tarot Workshop - The Fools Journey

Spring Equinox Tarot Workshop, Malaga, Spain - The Fools Journey. Gain powerful insight into the symbology and deeper lessons of the cards, their root function as a psychological tool and a mirror of the subconscious mind.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The 12 Shining Lanterns

After months of work the updated and completely revised edition is here! Thank you to all who helped make it happen. "The 12 Shining Lanterns are the essential components of astrology distilled to capture an essence, a potent force you can work with and recognise throughout your life. The 12 Shining Lanterns takes astrology back to its roots, by bringing the focus back to nature."

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Full Moon in Leo - 31st January 2018

Time for the full moon on Wednesday 31st January. The full moon in Leo encourages us to shine and feel the true power of our creativity - reminding us of our uniqueness, releasing those things that are preventing us from being true to ourselves.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Introduction to Body, Mind, Qabalah

An Introduction to Body, Mind, Qabalah.
Introducing the ancient esoteric system of Qabalah - the Tree of Life.   Next Introduction – Wednesday 7th February 2018, 2-4pm, The Yurt at Karen Cole Yoga, Spain. Four lessons, consecutive Wednesdays 2-4pm. Email: for further details/additional courses, dates and to reserve your place.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturn enters Capricorn on 19th December 2017

Saturn enters Capricorn on 19th December 2017
It is time to land, Father of Time and Lord of Karma is coming home on 19th December and he wants to  reveal to us the consequences of our actions.  So far we have been flying our plane and we have had glimpses of the horizon, occasional visions, he has been teaching us to review our goals, whenever we have overindulged we have felt the effects straight away and learnt to curb our excesses, in our analogy of the plane we have had to throw things overboard so that we remain in the air and the fuel has lasted.  Now it is about to change, time is up, the runway is ahead, it is our time to land, to take our place, be real and true to ourselves, to manifest our great works on earth.  These years ahead Saturn will be asking us to take responsibility for ourselves and to build solid foundations that are long lasting and stable.  This movement occurs two days before the Winter Solstice when the Sun also joins him in Capricorn, the Lantern of Self-Discipline.  Time has spoken, with our feet on the ground, let us discriminate, be mindful of the earth and manifest our true selves.