Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Tree of Life - Shining Through the Planets

The planets are a representation of the powerhouses in which they reside. Understanding the energy behind the symbolism, allows you to understand the force and recognise it in everyday life. Join us - 

Wednesday 20th September
10 - 1 pm
in Coin, Malaga

Friday, 1 September 2017

The Full Corn Moon (Barley Moon) – September 6th 2017

On 6th September we find that the Sun is in Virgo with the full moon occurring in the opposite sign Pisces, holding hands with God of the Sea, Neptune. When the sun is in Virgo at this time of year, we naturally reap what we have sown in the Spring - we see the law of cause and effect working in action, Mars the ruler of the law of cause and effect has also entered Virgo to reinforce this event. With the full moon being in Pisces this adds to the mix a tidal wave of completion to come crashing to the shore, with Neptune giving it a helping push.  This results in a culmination, a reaping of the hard work that has gone before and an ending of something that has been building and resolving.   The result of our hard work and a realisation of our dreams. The Pisces full moon is called the full corn moon this month because it traditionally falls with the time of harvesting corn and ripened barley. The September full moon is usually referred to as the Harvest Moon; however, due to the dates of the full moon in relation to the Autumn Equinox October’s full moon earns the title this year.  www.cathystronach.com

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Natural Aid First - Workshop in Coin, Spain

Emergency Natural Aid tools and techniques with Hazel Humble
​No-one to turn to?
What can you do?
Know that waiting for help results in worsening symptoms?
This workshop gives confidence to help yourself and others in these fearful moments.
Have you ever been on your own or in a crowd where either you, a loved one or a stranger needs help in the moment?
Hazel will be sharing with you the tools she has used on these unexpected occasions during the last 30 years.
Saturday 17th June 2017
Venue:  Coin, Malaga, Spain
11 am – 3 pm

For more information: www.hazelhumble.com/workshops.html or http://www.theacademyofi.com/courses-workshops.html

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Full Flower Moon – 10th May 2017

The Full Flower Moon is so called as it is the time of year when the flowers are in full bloom and the earth is fertile bringing forth abundance. The best days in May 2017 for planting according to the farmer’s almanac are for above ground crops 1, 27 and 28th May. For below ground crops the 19th and 20th May.

The Full Flower Moon on May 10th 2017 brings us a daring period of intensity mixed with assertiveness. Passions well up from the depths, energy rises, romance blossoms. With the full Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus true paths reveal themselves. The paths of temptation appear by contrast, a misty haze, indicating that some things are just too good to be true - invariably with a price to pay. This full moon is a reminder not to take short cuts, or cut corners. If you are going to do something, do it from your heart, with determination and passion or don’t do it at all. Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is also in retrograde motion, this indicates that you cannot deceive yourself for if you attempt too, the effects will be experienced as conflict within. This full moon is our personal karma in action and is urging us to transform our disguises, take off our masks and let the Lantern of Strength, reveal our true self.