Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weekly Horoscopes 2012 - 6th June

You are bursting forth with energy this week, the recent eclipse in your fire element has shone a light on your path allowing you to expand and grow in ways you couldn’t even imagine.  It is time to pull the unresolved from your past and take your life to the next level.  This is the time to get things done, say the things you have always wanted to say, do the things you need to do, go to the places you long to see.  Make it happen Aries!
You are shining brightly like never before and this is due to the Venus (your ruling planet) occultation that has not occurred for a hundred years.  Things that you thought would or could never be possible may manifest or just appear in front of your eyes.  Something is about to get a whole lot better.  Creative bursts are likely to explode from within; success is yours if you surrender to the greater transformations that are taking place. 
Let go of any preconceived notions this week and make room for your life to light up, it is as if you have been blinded up till now or something has remained hidden from you.  Opportunities will reveal their full potential allowing you to see the hidden gems that are at your feet.  Others will be keeping an eye on you so make sure you look your best and ‘do the right thing’.  Resources that are available to you are likely to increase big time.
What an emotional time you have been having Cancer, however, you understand the ebb and flow, the waxing and waning and your secret has always been to use the building energy to work for you, especially when you focus and use conscious intent.  Whatever you thought was impossible this week you are about to be proved wrong.  Areas of your life that could do with being strengthened will stand out and you will know what you need to do.
Help like you have never experienced before is coming your way and the answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions too.  Your world as you know it is about to change in such a degree that you will not recognise the way you once knew it.  This could be one of the biggest turning points in your life, anything is possible.  The more unrealistic something may seem, the more likely it is to happen.  You are in for one exciting week.
Your needs are brought to centre stage and this will help you to prioritise your daily life to accommodate the things that need attention.  This is no time for resting or pausing or even pacing yourself as fiery Mars is in your sign, heating up the pace.  A creative idea that has long term benefits may come up with an additional source of income moving into your life.  Learn to say ‘no’ and draw the line if someone keeps pushing you and watch the respect grow between you.
Big things are happening for you right now.  Venus (planet of love) is igniting your world and blessing that project, that relationship, those plans.  The Venus Occultation will never happen again in your lifetime so this is the time to shine brightly.  Someone who has the means to help you could enter your life increasing your overall wealth and abundance.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done, so get busy and get it all moving, don’t waste these moments.
Every possible unresolved emotion is swelling by the day right in step with the moon. A situation that appears to have no solution will resolve due to an inner change of feeling you have towards it.   Relationships will become clearer and you will suddenly know the direction you need to be travelling in.  A re-occurring theme could be telling you something important needs attention, listen and rectify, as you don’t want to lose something of deep value.   
Stay objective when sorting out something from the past, it is time to just clear it all up, tie the loose ends and let it go.  Sometimes it is better not to know things ahead of time, it stops you from creating resistance, delaying the inevitable, which can only make the experience more painful.  Heal the past and make way for a bright future - there are greater plans for you.  Let your hair down at the weekend, a walk on the wild side is coming your way.
Where things have been broken that you thought could never be repaired, well never say never, your heart is about to feel a lot better.  Be prepared to be surprised and educated this week.  You will feel as though you are being carried on the wings of a dove as you rise above all the madness of modern life that is going on around you.   Do not give in to the pressure of having to hurry, take your time to communicate what you need to, in your own way.
A special sense of ‘what you are here to do’ or destiny comes knocking at your door.   Manifesting more of what you want and need comes easier at the moment.  Your adventures are far from over.  Take a cold, hard look at your finances though, know how much you are earning and where it is being spent.  There could be a major opportunity coming your way, perhaps involving children or your children.  Share ideas and talk to others you will receive great benefits from sharing.
No matter what chaos may be occurring in your life, an ache is pleasantly eased and you get a taste of the thing that you need the most and it may well carry you for a long time.  Meaning and passion is injected back into your life.  There will be an answer, to all that remains raw within you, things will shift and lift but right now you probably feel humbled by the universe and just want to say a big thank you.  Emotional awareness brings a feeling of stability within.

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