Wednesday, 22 August 2012


You have had a reality check lately and you clearly know what lies before you in the days ahead.  For you there is one decision that still needs to be made one of extreme importance and you immediate choices will reflect the next leg of your journey.  You will feel a commitment to drive yourself in this particular area and focus productively with purpose and tenacity.  Do not take reckless moves or needless risks but remain cool and calm and you will sail through these times.

Frustration over a situation that is in stalemate or has stagnated will lead you to force movement in another area of your life.  You will likely be making a key habitual change within your home or place of residence that will equal better living.  By the weekend something will make you smile and you will feel eternally grateful.  Feel that raging fire within and direct it towards an area that you know will give you security for the future.

New friendships and relationships are on the cards as your inner passions and sensuality rises to the surface, others are likely to sense this in you and be attracted to your presence. There may also be many powerful temptations that you will need to overcome.  It is the end of a long haul in one area of your life and you are ready for a new beginning, this is not to say that all your responsibilities are going to come to an end but they will change and this change will be a breath of fresh air.

There is a buzz in the air and your energy is set to increase over the coming week.  Venus is also smiling at you which will mean that others are likely to be more gracious and kind.  All you have to do is drop your defences and enjoy the ease of it, do your best and you will be helped along.  The end of an emotional two year grind is coming to a head and you will feel more valued and respected for what you do.

You may have had a hard time with someone you care deeply about, you may have made changes in partners or in a business deal as the stress was more than it was worth.  Now is a time to review these changes and make either a decision to recommit or let it go.  Once you decide to move from a position of standing in ‘no mans land’ your load will lighten and your spirits will lift.  A breakthrough is on the horizon.

A period of waiting is over and you are probably filled with a sense of certainty at last.  Things seem crystal clear now and your feet are firmly planted on the ground.  It is easy for you to make strong choices that support your future and to put plans into operation for the coming months.  A liberating change in your life is up for grabs, new scenery, new opportunities await.  Enjoy the feeling and have some fun.

A challenge from the past few years raises its head, there are some remaining loose ends and unresolved business that may still need to be worked through or debated.  .  What is recurring now will be based on different terms and conditions and the other party is likely to be more cooperative than before.  Who you know and the contacts you have could prove to be beneficial indicating some real communication breakthroughs.

All the cards are laid out on the table this week and decisions now have to be made based upon the current conditions and what is best for your future.  You have free will to choose the path that you wish to go down.  Big decisions must be made whether this involves a relationship or a career direction.  The decision will have long term effects on your life, it may have taken a while to get to this point but now action is required.

you are back in the game Sagittarius and this is probably because you are not one to give up.  Even when all looks gloomy and others are full of doubt somewhere in you there is a sense that you can turn things around.  Watch out for opportunities and abundance hidden in the bracken – it is there and you will be the one to spot it.  Your instincts are right on the ball and others will naturally look to you to save the day or come up with answers this week.

Perhaps you have been carrying a weight or a burden or shouldering too much worry about someone and finally you need to shed this load and share with another.  The pent up worry may start to come out over a few days as bursts of emotion and as it releases you will start to feel better.  Make sure you spend time with a trusted companion and get it all off your chest.  Pay attention to finances this week and double check your figures as you could be distracted.

You have taken on a lot of responsibility lately based on some recent choices and this has caused you some stress and strain.  However, this is not all bad and a relationship moves from strength to strength placing you in a position of increased commitment from your partner who would like it to be for the long haul.  Unexpected help is likely to come out of the blue and someone may surprise you.

A battle that you may have fought over the last few years could be coming to an end.  You will have some strong signs that you are where you need to be and this will give you a clearer indication of the pathway ahead.  All your efforts have not been in vain and an earning door based upon a unique idea opens.  Your past is directly affecting your future and the worry you have been experiencing is likely to subside.