Sunday, 2 September 2012


Expect the unexpected this week and your boat will not be rocked too much when an ‘x factor’ could come crashing into the equation.  As soon as you think you have everything arranged there is likely to be something that is unaccounted for or a sudden change crops up at the last minute.  Be wary of making promises that you may not be able to keep especially when it comes to those within your immediate environment such as neighbours or work colleagues.  

Watch your energy levels this week as you are unusually affected by emotional and family issues and atmospheres.  You will want to spend more time in your home and will wish to make it comfortable and cosy.  Your imagination is at an all time high and you will find inspiration for poetry, writing or re-decorating.  For you it is all about creating a peaceful environment where you can relax unwind and feel content. 

You could feel enthusiastically driven by a cause that is personal to you, your will and determination are strong right now and if there is something that you emphatically believe in then there is no stopping you this week.  Remember that you have needs within the whole process as it is easy to get caught up in moment and neglect your own health.  You hold the key to unlocking a gateway that will pave the way for others, something is calling you Gemini are you going to respond? 

There could be an underlying weight that you are aware of and this responsibility sits at the base of everything that you do this week.  Something or someone is dependent upon you at the moment and you need to take this into consideration without it weighing too heavy on your mind.  If you are worrying about things then rest easy in the knowledge that there are helping hands that will soon be there to help carry the load. 

It is time to take the spotlight as all eyes are on you as you exude a magnanimous and dynamic energy.  All that you do makes a loud noise and is heard for miles around; in fact you are the new talking point.  From this attention comes an increase in your reputation and this can be used to advertise yourself positively or negatively – it is up to you.  No one can question that you show immense courage and boldness to get things moving, in fact there is no stopping you this week.

Home and family are important to you and are the highlight of your focus; you want to feel the close connection of belonging as this is what gives you your solid footing and inner sense of security to face the world.  A bond with a female family or someone whom you consider to be family will increase in strength.  This is a good point for planning and structuring for the forthcoming weeks ahead and laying down some ground rules for the future. 

Walls and boundaries have started to break down and old structures have fallen away by the wayside to reveal a plateau whereby you can build your dreams anew.  Hope is on the horizon and inspiration is likely to be drawn from the old traditional ways of doing things combined with a little modern creativity.  You are ready to let go of something so that you can transform your life and embrace the changes that are on their way. 

You are likely to be called upon in a crisis situation and this is because you instinctively know what to do and have the greatest potential to take over and get straight to the root of a disaster annihilating the problem at its core.  Expect to be busy Scorpio for one reason or another; there could be another that will need your help or advice.  Financially check out your insurance policies or other investments to make sure that you are on top of things and have not overlooked anything in the past. 

Is someone getting your back up at the moment or making you slightly agitated?  There is a niggle like an itch that you can’t scratch that could be annoying you.  The advice here is to move your focus onto something else that you can scratch and deal with and the intensity that you currently feel for this person or situation will lose its power over you.  Try not to take too many things on as you will have lots of varying activities or invites coming your way – it will be impossible to attend everything.

You could be feeling a little overwhelmed right now as if things are just moving too fast for you to keep track of.  There are lots of changes occurring and things may have got a little fraught, it is like you have entered into a new phase and the terrain has changed but in the process you have lost your way as nothing is familiar anymore.  Give yourself time, you do not have to be on top of things straight away and more importantly ask for that help when you need it. 

Images and feelings of the past are still lingering and you dearly wish to lay them to rest.  It all seems out of your hands though and you could be waiting on another before you can really move on.  There is a lot of tension and frustration around at the moment and something could have your nerves on edge.  You can only do what you can do and change what is within your power to change the rest you have to accept until things are ready to shift. 

You are in your element this week literally, ready to pour water on smouldering and angry situations, tempering heaty or heavy discussions and providing an objective and yet mediatory role.  You bring the balance to extremes and others will look to you to provide that sanctuary and safe space.  Duty and responsibility play an important part of your planning for the upcoming days that follow as you will wish to also stand up for the underdog if you feel that someone is being trodden on.