Saturday, 17 November 2012


You are on fire this week and there is no stopping you from achieving all that you desire.  With all this heat you need to be careful that you do not burn yourself out and make sure that you have adequate rest even when you are on a roll.  Something is definitely on a roll and you are constantly inspired to push ahead as it is likely to mean a lot to you.  You long and yet fear these changes that are occurring as they ignite the very depths of your being.

Your horizons are opening up and life is far from how it was a year ago, opportunities for expansion are looming, a chance to grow and move in a different way than you have known before.  It is like you have been restricted until now and someone has given you a green light to explore avenues and increase your higher learning.  Embrace all that is coming your way and let it feed your soul, the changes ahead bring luck and joy to you and all those that you choose to share your life with.

Travel is highly likely and perhaps to a place which is different from the everyday world you are used to.  It is probably not leisure but a bit more industrious and social in nature but still a necessity that cannot be avoided.  Be prepared for the unexpected and the unplanned as there may be more going on that meets the eye.  Behind the scenes a drama may have been unfolding that you will become party too.  This will become clear as your role will be vital in bringing some clarity to the situation.

This is a beneficial week for you socially when others will be warming to your inner glow and your innate sense of humour - that seems to find amusement in the everyday events that occur.  Changes will not come that easily and it may be difficult for you to readily adapt.  Aim to see the positive in what appears to be a difficult situation or an alien environment where you tend to feel a fish out of water, immerse yourself totally in the experience and you will be amazed at how great you feel.

Do I sense an anti-climax occurring Leo?  You have probably really enjoyed the last couple of weeks and now that they have come to an end all you want to do is become a social closet and have some time to yourself until you can repeat it again - no other experience seems to come close.  Perhaps you are finally far more content than you have been for a while and the plans that you have now put in place allow you to finally rest and recuperate.

You have a lot going on right now and there is no time to rest on your laurels, it has become a balancing act between duty, work, social responsibilities and fun.  You must have got something right though as you probably feel far happier now and settled than you have for a few years.  Things are finally slotting into place and although there is pressure occurring it is a feeling that you understand and can deal with.

Dreams are vivid right now and your imagination is brimming with ideas and a longing to express some of the creativity that is within.  There is a simmering of energy that is dying to burst forth and surprise us all.  Perhaps by the weekend we will see you planning an adventure of a life time or totally re-planning the look of your house or garden.  Whatever you do will be on a grand scale as your mind is alive and you are eager to learn, to grow and to absorb your surroundings.  

Family issues and members are the focus of this week or those that you consider to be your family.  There is a lot of structural support coming your way from those you love or you will be providing the structural support to allow others to do what they need to do.  Whatever is shared is shared back, it is the law of cause and effect and even if you do not see it straight away, all that you do is registered in the ether.

By the weekend your neighbours and those in your local community will have you celebrating or you will receive invites to a social event.   There is an energy of magnetic inclusiveness around you and others will be drawn to your presence whether you wish it or not.  All that you do is in the spotlight and if you do your job well than you can expect to be rewarded accordingly – the reverse is also true.  Love what you do and do what you love and you can’t go wrong.

Intense feelings and emotions colour everything at the moment.  An issue you have with a loved one is still lingering and communication is the key, there is no right time to discuss what needs to confronted and the longer you leave it the more time it has to brew.  Take the bull by the horns and get it all over and done with, you may be pleased with the results and feel as though a burden has been lifted.  By the weekend things can get very romantic.

At the end of the day it all comes down to you.  No matter how much you have tried to delegate, it all seems to rest upon your shoulders, to handle the changes that are formulating.  It is not that others are not capable it is just that you seem to be able to rise to the challenge at times like these and know just what to do and how to do it effectively.  Make sure that you take time out for you to recuperate and re-energise.

You have been looking for answers for a while now as to the direction you should be travelling and you have put your plans into motion in the hope of some clarification or solidification that you have chosen wisely.  Within in the next few weeks this is all set to play out and reveal the bigger picture, there are many lessons and experiences to be had along the way.  Sometimes it will feel as though you are right and other times that you have made a mistake, the focus now is that you do not lose yourself in a battle and remain still amongst the chaos.