Saturday, 5 January 2013


A productive year looms for you Aries where you will be occupied with something that will enable you to advance your career aspirations.  Expect to travel throughout 2013 even up to several weeks at a time, if you are in a close relationship time spent away from each other could work for you, instead of against you, with the occasional separation bringing you closer together.  Time spent together is likely to be romantic and quality instead of quantity becomes the focus.  Keep assertive and you career will go from strength to strength as the year progresses. 

This year sees your status improving where you will be able to get the comforts in life that you have yearned for.  Opportunities come your way without too much effort on your part and this also brings freedom from the worry of others.   Financial stability is now your focus although there is likely to be a few unforeseen expenses in 2013.  There is the possibility if single of meeting a new love, if attached then you will be looking to take a relationship to the next level, if you avoid getting stuck in conflicts then 2013 will be a very fruity year for you.

This is a year when you have to put the energy into getting what you want.  Diligent efforts bring rewards and lucky breaks.  This year you will need to have motivation behind you and the phrase ‘go for it’ applies.  Less conversation and more action win the day.  By the end of 2013 you will be able to reach the crown of your ambitions.  There could be a rebirthing of a romance, love will continue to grow and commitments will be strong and durable.  There will be a lot of support and goodwill coming your way.  Flexibility rather than rigidity will solve most of the problems that occur.

This year begins with a definite ‘out with the old, in with the new’, matters of the past become magnified until they are sorted out this is a cycle that began in June 2012 and will be completed in June 2013.  You long for structure and most of this year will be spent in making this happen, building faith in the work you are doing whilst still playing a supportive role towards others is important.  There will be an increase in your perceptions and you are likely to feel more emotionally secure than you have for a while.   From June onwards confidence expands in you to new levels.

Your home life becomes your focus for 2013 there is a need to lay down roots and be with those that bring you a sense of happiness.  Your relationship with your brothers or sisters is likely to strengthen.   Do not force situations when it comes to love just let them evolve naturally?  Travel is expected either to different countries or places that you have not been too before.   A new business opportunity or venture could come your way and your social circle is set to increase.   With a little effort your income should remain consistent throughout the year.

For the first part of 2013 your talents and skills will continue to grow, develop and your reputation will grow alongside.  You will be recognised for all the hard work you have put in, by February you are raring to grab professional opportunities as they arise.    Family life is set to improve and a relationship that was damaged last year could be repaired.  From July onward friends and social connections expand and you could join a couple of groups with like minded people.  You are basically planting seeds this year for the future.

A broader perspective is indicated a mindset that doesn’t worry too much about the little things.  However, your hunger for adventure does continue to expand and you want to see all, do all and learn all.  Your ideas are likely to spread to a wider audience.  Watch the pennies though as fuelling these desires could drain resources. If single you could find yourself attracted to people who are free-spirited, individualistic, and possibly even eccentric as a close partner.  Relationships can be unpredictable at this time.  Keep risk taking to a minimum where possible. 

Your intimate life continues to grow and bring you joy and new discoveries. There may be more opportunities to find support whether it is financial or emotional.  By February you will feel able to grab opportunities that help you to feel on top of your life and empowered.  Learn as much as you can now, in preparation for the next cycle that begins in 2014.  You might consider fine-tuning your natural talents and skills with higher education by putting more money and energy into these pursuits.  You could even choose to study another language. 

There is plenty of opportunity to increase your close friendships as 2013 commences, new partnerships are possible, or the chance to bring fresh energy to an existing relationship is on the cards.  Your ability to get along with others is enhanced as you are especially willing to make compromises.  Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled as well.  Good publicity may come your way. If your career has you working with or before the public, you can safely expect increased popularity.

Daily routines and health regimes continue to develop and expand as the year kicks off, this is a time when your work projects also increase.  You will find a lot of happiness in your work, self-improvement endeavours as well as taking good care of your health.  Work opportunities increase and recognition of all your efforts will be given.  Tests can come to your friendships during the second part of the year, you may be more discriminating when it comes to making new friends, or circumstances are such that you spend less energy on networking.

You are extremely creative as the New Year commences, learning to express yourself playfully and boldly without needing a reason, perhaps you are more willing to take some personal risks as well.  Some of you may have recently, or might this year, turn a friendship into a romance. Friends can be instrumental in getting you out and about and children could play a predominate role this year.  From July onwards your work, daily routines take over and you need to be careful not to take on too much.  Do not let chaotic schedules distract you from your responsibilities.

Family life, domestic activities and your inner world continue to develop.  You might move to a new home, perhaps a bigger one, or expand your current home.  Family itself could also expand, or there may be more people around your home.  Entertaining in the home is also highlighted.  Confidence in yourself and your abilities also increases providing a feeling of security within.  The second part of the year your romantic and creative side grows, you will be filled with ideas and plans for realising a dream, with your career providing immense satisfaction.