Saturday, 30 March 2013


It can feel like you are in the twilight zone this week, all that you do and say seems to be broadcast by an amplifier leaving you unprepared for the response that is coming back at you.  In fact everything seems like it is turned upside down.  Think carefully before rushing in to take action.  Your appearance on the other hand is full of confidence as you are sending out a strong and powerful energy towards others – you are like a magnet.

Your inner world is shining brightly right now and the time is ripe to nurture your imagination with thoughts of a more ideal reality.  Breakthroughs are likely when you give yourself a quiet space and  tranquil environment - an inner sense of trust born from this internal void gives you comfort and hope.  There is a need to rise above any negativity and be strong in the face of adversity this will enable you to keep the high ground.

Actions bring about unusual results this week and things will not happen as you expect them too.  There is a frivolity and fun element coming in where you feel fortunate and as though there is a shield of protection in front of you.  You may be given the time needed to get the rest and recuperation you need so that your mind is free to get busy with planning, ideas and solutions.  Social activities are likely to be enjoyable and revealing.

When you feel safe and secure Cancer you function at your best, your confidence soars and your effectiveness follows.  There is something going on that is not allowing you to feel at ease – keep your thoughts positive and this will allow you to rise above a lingering angst.  Your public and professional life is gathering pace and there could be the beginning of a new project that will blossom and provide you with a healthy return.  Great things are going on behind the scenes.

You could be feeling mega confident and good right now just be careful that this energy doesn’t cause you to think that you are above the rules or smart enough to get away with things.  Remain down to earth and honest and all will work in your favour.  Think your words and actions through very carefully before taking any concrete action and take better care of what you already have instead of wanting more or thinking the grass is greener on the other side. 

You feel so much better when you have time to organise your thoughts and prepare.  There are desires welling up from within, initially this could disturb you as you try to identify what is going on.  Share these feelings with someone you trust and this may bring some clarity to the restlessness within.  It might be time to speak up and vocalize exactly what you want and expect in a clear and precise manner, removing the guess-work so others know totally where you are coming from.

Something has now run its course, you have struggled and wrestled for a while now. Even if it appears challenging at first, the right events are happening to make sure you arrive at the right place at the right time.  Finances may also improve or at least stabilise.  As you let go of the instruction manual that you learnt the tools of the trade from, you are now ready to unleash that understanding on the world. 

You are feeling motivated to finally fix something that has continued to happen over and over again no matter what you do.  Timing has been the missing ingredient in the process, however, all is now lining up giving you the opportunity to be able to deal with it and get a result.  There are brand new openings that arise from this setting you on a productive course for the future.  Instead of your mind going round and round considering the past, there is only one way to go now and that is forward. 

You gain a lot of your success and rewards from serving the needs of others – not by doing what you want to do but by doing what you know needs to be done.  This is now your time to shine, although, there is likely to be a few temptations distracting you as the week progresses.  Others will look up to you for inspiration and motivation as they sense an energy that oozes adventure coming from within you.  Seize those opportunities as magic is about to happen.

Your calmness is what makes you a force to be reckoned with right now.  Even though you are extremely emotional and passionate you are showing an element of self control and wisdom in the face of this tidal wave.  Because you have your feet firmly secure on the rung of the ladder there is no way anyone can shake you off.  This is a perfect time for intimacy and romance and a current relationship will deepen.

Recent trends may have had you feeling like all of your efforts have been lost, as if they are not leading you in any desirable direction. This has now caused to you question many things and ultimately this way of thinking will lead to life direction changes that support you and are more relevant.  By the weekend your focus will be on balancing personal relationships so that your daily life is far more harmonious than it has been. 

This is a terrific time to start new projects or to bring closure to finished or abandoned ones.  There is a remarkable change taking place within and confidence is on the way up.  An idea you had recently will turn out not to be as crazy as you initially thought, although, you can have the greatest of ideas but if you don’t put them into an action plan then they can filter away.  As you get in touch with reality you are able to devise a plan to turn these ideas into profit.

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