Monday, 11 March 2013


You will be rising above something that has kept you from gaining closure as you ready yourself for a brand new beginning next week.  A passionate time is ahead when your powers of seduction are second to none and can be quite dangerous at the same time; emotions could run high, so make sure you don’t take things too far.  Maintain an element of control and you can use this influence in productive and positive ways. 

Think your words and actions through very carefully and try not to allow yourself to act on impulse.  The best thing you can do is to use your imagination to give that inner genius a platform.  The road may feel uncertain this week which can create an inner anxious feeling; you have a lot on your mind and at times too much.  Make sure you get adequate rest and relaxation and trust that unexpected occurrences are there to enhance your journey not hinder it.

It can be a challenge to feel grounded or to know if what you are clinging to is real this week.  At times like these, it can feel like everything is falling apart.   Raise the roof on anything that has you feeling pushed, pinched or limited as the reality is anything is possible now.   In times of extreme madness like these you cannot base your actions and decisions on moments such as these.  Ride the waves Gemini and follow through on your tasks.

When you know without question or concern how to proceed, it makes those steps forward easier to make, it can be effortless to move. When you are not sure, the emotions get cloudy and you feel frozen and downright stuck.  Soon you will know Cancer the signs will be too strong to ignore - bear in mind that your sign has the potential for radical overall wealth and happiness, all the pieces in reality are in place, but it is not up to you to make it all happen, your job is to follow through.

Letting go in some cases needs to occur before you can rise on up.  The heavens could not be more in your corner, in full support of putting an end to a certain sort of madness.  Everything will align in heart, mind, body and soul if you let go of the reigns and allow the invisible forces to lead.  This isn't any time to take un-necessary risks or chances but is an incredible period for love, romance and creative pursuits.

You may have possibly been turning a few heads with what you’ve got brewing right now, but someone is going to get what you are up to and join forces with you making your position stronger.  A certain relationship is going to improve dramatically, helping you to iron out a few ruffled feathers.  You are starting to see the bigger perspective and will be giving yourself a kick to take charge of your life and explore more of what life has to offer.

This is one of those times when you need to focus more attention upon your personal health and fitness, it is time to do what is necessary as it may prevent serious illness in the future – the thing is when you are ahead of the game, it is foolish to take needless chances, so make sure you get the rest your body is craving and treat yourself with kindness.  Having a solid plan to work from so that you don’t end up getting side-tracked would be a good idea.

The universe is reminding you at the moment what it feels like to be ‘alive’ inside.  There is an opening that is about to be created, one that that can lead you to discover areas you didn’t know existed, to explore the unknown.  Even though you sense there could be great value and benefit from a certain turn, you also wonder if hurdles will accompany this opening.   Pay attention to the details this week and then go out and have some fun. 

An end is drawing near and inevitably when this occurs, memories of the good past as well as the unwanted can leave you feeling like the bottom is going to drop out of a certain area of your life. Your emotions will be unpredictable at best and the feeling of not being able to direct the tides is making it difficult to plan and prepare. New beginnings can be scary at times, but once you start to see the potentials, it's a totally different optimistic story.

When your world is more predictable you excel, however, at the moment you are not in your comfort zone.  Words and promises mean little to you now as you are interested in solid actions and results - and so it should be as this is the way of ensuring results actually happen.   Rise up and see any confrontation as a challenge that allows you to become the leader you are meant to be.  Your words and opinions are just as valid and valuable as anybody else’s. 

When you have two people who are clearly wired differently, the chances the two will align and agree is next to nil.  You are a radical thinker that prides yourself on being one who has an instinctual disdain for conformity.  Considering your thoughts and plans and the way you see things may never gel with a certain other, the only way this week may be to get to the place where you simply agree to disagree.  This can create a true feeling of closure, and stop the bleeding from a certain ongoing battle.

It is time for closure so you can be free of the fog and the film, nothing may matter more to you this week then to nip a certain thing in the bud so you can simply and finally be done.   Whatever is going on now, will very likely sort itself out by then if not beforehand.  It is up to you to maintain your own sense of priority and direction, there is nothing right now that is impossible for you, the financial indicators alone are amazing, take a chance.

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