Sunday, 24 March 2013


This week sees a shift in energy from a period of contemplation to one of action and forthrightness, your world becomes a busy place once more.  It is important to make it clear to others that you are serious about something as they may think you are just being flippant and dismiss your ideas.  Take the time to speak clearly and listen carefully to their opinions.  Your instincts are strong at the moment and your desires are welling up inside – you need a lot of self-control this week.

There is a need to rethink some of your approaches to your finances this week, there is a clear path to long term prosperity and abundance but you need to somehow attune your consciousness with it.  Something in your life feels far from ready and complete. There are still issues that need to be cleared up and this is all going on behind the scenes - so there is more going on in your life than initially meets the eye.  You have a few decisions and priorities to attend to.

There has never been a better time than to think outside of the box and embrace the unthinkable, the absurd even, give it a bit of time and eventually it will make sense.  You can hold on to worn out ideas, answers and solutions too, but the universe needs you to be a unique and free thinker. There is a sense of urgency right now and time really is of the essence.  Someone is ready to help you outsmart a situation so do not be worried about asking as this could put you ahead of the game. 

Focus - Cancer that is all you have to do.  There are many events taking place that are beyond your ability to control, so you have to just sit back and ride the waves as they roll in to the shore.  You may have to go through some sort of chaos or turmoil in order to reach stability.  Floods of feelings and emotions are likely to be unleashed.  As the week progresses you will start to see a bright stream of light, shine down from behind the dark clouds.

You will be attracting things that feel good and it feels so much easier right now to get on with things, this week you will not need to force a thing, it will all just happen if it is meant to.  More life and love will enter your abode.  You are shining like a beacon of light for others to follow.  The week ahead has the potential to completely re-define your life.  All this attention and natural publicity coming your way will soon see your popularity soaring.

You are about to find the key that opens the door to lead you down a very prosperous path.  Everything that was turned upside down can stand right side up and this will deepen your urge to stay true to a course.  A breakthrough that brings a rush of excitement and relief is on its way, however tempting it is to lay back and relax in your comfort zone, do not get too complacent as you need to be ready and adaptable for changes.

Situations dictate that you use a different approach, one that is quite extreme for you; the thing is if you keep using the same approach you will get the same result and it is time to nip something in the bud once and for all.  I know you prefer peace at all costs but this approach has not got you very far.   Shock and surprise - that is the key.  There will be a lot of advantages to using this approach to different areas of your life this week, it will get things moving.
You have a deep need for intimacy right now, for deeper levels of love and romance.  Strong bonds are likely to be formed, you are developing better powers of communication as you have a desire to make yourself heard within a situation.  In a way it is developing order through dealing with the chaos of modern life.  Basically if you want something and are willing to work for it, then you can have it.  Take charge of anything that needs fixing and fix it.

There is a lot of high drama around you that others seem to be involved in and the last thing you want to do is get all tied up in it as the energy has a way of back firing on you making you the scapegoat.  It is better for you to put your own insight and wisdom to work by remaining emotionally and mentally on top form so that you can focus on getting difficult projects finished.  Romance is on the cards and you will be considering making a relationship more permanent.

Being honest with yourself and others regarding your true motivations and intentions are important this week. It may surprise you then to find that others are looking for the same experiences and outcomes in their own lives. Remain focused on what you are doing and pay extremely close attention to the details, mistakes can take twice as long to rectify. A close relationship may need a heart to heart to work things out.
Speedy Gonzalez = in fact no-one can keep up with you; you are so fast this week.  Your mind is like a flash of lightening transmitting ideas at the rate of knots, so whatever you need to see happen and move forward, then there is enough fire in you to push it so that it takes off like a rocket.  You are a trigger for acceleration and you have the potential to reach great heights.  Use this time to create something you can call your own – have fun.

Something is definitely not working and you have to fix it, you have been bouncing back and forth lately and when the energy gets rough it is natural to freeze and want to prepare for the worst.  However, the real negativity or trigger is in the past and you now have more ease and freedom to investigate options.  Once it was your safety and security that were at risk = but now listen to your dreams, even the impossible ones, as they hold a glimmer of truth in them.

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