Tuesday, 9 April 2013


You are ignited by a fresh charge this week giving you a true sense of purpose as you plan and then direct the next phase of your life.  You will feel great desire and longing that will make you want to rush into something.  The things is you are already ahead of the game and you will make no further advancements by taking chances.  Trust and believe in yourself and your own abilities and by the weekend more of the picture will be revealed.  

Your front line focus right now is basic survival and all that this entails. On one hand you are being shown how to surrender to those things you cannot control and to simply let go and make room for more to materialise.   On the other hand the universe requires you to meet it halfway and needs you to back up your claims, words and promises with rock solid actions.  Others need to know you are committed and dedicated then they will line up behind you. 

If you are feeling burned out and emotionally finished with the predictable and the mundane then there is some good news on the horizon – an old process is finally coming to a close.  New cycles that occur are free from any baggage from the past, the slate is clean.  This is time to stand tall and put your ideas, dreams and passions into the mix, speak up and be forthright, the world is waiting to hear your genius.

You need to take charge and direct where a current path is going, you cannot do it on your own, others need to know that you are looking out for them as well.  The problem is that right about now, matters are beyond your ability to control and when that happens, history shows us the best course of action is to make sure we do whatever we can to protect what we have and what we will need in the future.  If you know you are going to have a power cut – make sure you have a generator.

The past is in the past now and failures and disappointments that occurred back then need to be left back there, turn away from any negativity, even this cloud has its silver lining.  Something will make absolute sense soon.  You have endured some crazy moments lately but with a little faith and trust in a current process there could be more harmony and compatibility between you and another person than you realise. 

Try not to rush things into happening as with a little more patience you will have the answer you are looking for, in fact you are days away from an answer to a perplexing question.  Your intuition is clamouring to get through the chattering of your mind, eventually it will bubble up from the depths and find its way into your consciousness.  Love and romance are highlighted as passions run high and you will discover something enlightening about your partner.

It is time to be patient, lighten up, take the weight off your feet and back off.  You are due for some well deserved rest, this week is all about re-charging those batteries and making sure you have some fun.  Life is all about balance and the scales have tipped too far in the opposite direction lately and your body is telling you to re-address the balance.  Make sure your home life is as solid and as peaceful as it can be. 

The area of your health and of making general improvements is highlighted and could need some special attention. It is like a car that is running low on petrol eventually it will not run until you put more in – the same is true here.  An area of your life is aching for your presence and attention, create the space and time to nurture and attend to its needs – perhaps a key relationship could do with a bit more of your tender loving care? 

Once your inner flame is burning you are like a magnet attracting others to you and you in turn warm them up with your enthusiasm and radiance.  We are beginning to see this energy come seep back bringing with it opportunities for wealth and abundance.  Just don’t allow yourself to get swept away by others opinions and emotions, remain in the moment.  Things will have a way of working out in your favour so it is good to accomplish as much as possible.

It could feel as if you have been walking through the misty mountains in a snow storm, unable to see your way clearly ahead, however, you have a rare sort of staying power that defies logic.  Doors will start to open when the snow clears up and it is set to happen this week.  Your perseverance with something has paid off.  Keep relying on your gut instincts to see you through they will ensure you reach a place where you can relax.
Things invariably never end up happening in the way we think they will.  The best thing you can do is shut yourself away from all the negativity around you and focus on making your dreams and ideas come true.  There will be a way to rise above the restrictions and to soar above the current problems.  You know what you need to do.  This week you could turn a corner as everything you need to know is currently within you. 

There is a warning here not to take the path of least resistance, especially when it involves others that are merely filling roles that you have created for them.  It is not the easy path that will bring you the rewards or the personal satisfaction that you want and need.  There is someone waiting for you to speak up and ask for what you want, in as much detail as you can envision, then the catch is you have to let it go and wait. Don’t ask, don’t get. Timing is everything.