Saturday, 4 May 2013


Prioritising you needs is essential to your wellbeing right now, although the first thing to be clear about is what those essential needs actually are.  You will be given a rare opportunity to rise above something that has held you back, the door is finally unlocked and you are able to move steadfastly ahead.  Apply some patience when it comes to assessing if an intense relationship will sustain its way through the months, give it time to develop and grow, there is no rush.

It is time to let go and release your attachment to a certain piece of your past that has felt as if it has a karmic hold over you.  A memory may return with a rush and it is right to set that shadow free in order to make more room for the future.  The direction you are now moving in may feel as if it is out of your control, the destination that is revealing itself is not what you had planned at all.  Meaningful insights and revelations are coming your way.

It is as if time has stood still for too long and waiting for a certain outcome is becoming inwardly agonizing.   Someone may have been driving you crazy lately but you must have more faith and not let an ounce of doubt spoil things.  Events coming up will have a great impact on the next six months. This is a time of preparation, to get ready for the end of the old whilst being able to create your ideal for the way ahead.  Let your intuition be your guide. 

This week speeds along at an unusual rate and you may just be able to manifest whatever it is you truly want.  On the other hand you could also feel out of your depth with some things unsure of who or what you can trust.  Direct your imagination positively and creatively and that will allow you to recognise and understand what is about to happen, but do not let it use you and provoke your fears, be proactive this week.

This week is all about becoming observant about what others are trying to tell you, in some areas of your life you may have thought you got the bad end of the deal, however, as you reflect upon the past and begin to retrace your steps it all starts to become crystal clear.   You may need to re-enter certain emotional territory now in order to lead you onto greener pastures, you are likely to get directly to the heart of an issue which will enable you to know where you need to be.

Slowly the pressure you have been under will slip away; the problem has been that at times you may have been fixating on something, gripping it so tightly, leaving little room for options and alternative ways through.   You are mentally alert this week and many cannot keep up with your ability to use wit at every turn.  This can also be a very flirtatious time and the pleasurable side of life becomes highlighted, just don’t allow things to get out of hand.

Someone holds the reins at the moment or you feel as though they do in a very essential part of of your life, possibly your resources and finances.  You may be feeling somewhat powerless as you wait for their next move caught in the middle of someone’s power play.  By the weekend you will be able to see the knots begin to loose, there will be a route out of this situation that is a win / win solution.  Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes peeled.

There is a great opportunity to confront someone whom you think is off track or things have just fallen apart.  You will get better results if you approach with an open heart and honesty as communications are direct and as a result become productive and insightful.  This is a busy week with a lot to get done, you just need to focus on what you are doing and strive for excellence in all that you do.  Get extra rest and relaxation when you can.

It is all within you – that is the answer to the question you have been asking lately.  The key is to trust that you do know the best way to do something, experience has shown you why one approach will work and another definitely won’t.  Stick with what you feel and trust your intuition – then you will thrive.  You will want to spend more time in the home and to focus on your health, looking at your diet and an exercise routine could be a good starting place. 

Your creative levels are at an all time high, creating bonds and opportunities that can last your entire lifetime are highlighted, just let things happen and develop naturally.  Romance breezes into your week so be prepared to be swept off your feet. Duties and responsibilities still need attending to but your timing is perfect and you are able to sort things out effectively.  Someone may be trying your patience and pushing you a little too far, it may be a good time to set boundaries. 

It is time to step out of your comfort zone because until you do you will not make that breakthrough you want so badly.  Something could have made you feel quite vulnerable and could have caused you to question certain ideals and beliefs.  There is a liberating opportunity coming up to bridge the gap between your heart and your mind, to heal old traumas and replace these feelings with new energy and vitality. 

You are being given a chance to re-boot your life; change is all around you and will be a direct reflection of your thoughts for better or worse.  This is the time to think purely and with a clear intention - being careful of course what you wish for.  You are very sensitive right now so make sure that you have adequate emotional space to recharge.  Take control of your mind, your emotional body and the direction you wish to steer your ship.

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