Monday, 20 May 2013


There is an immense opportunity for you to make sweeping changes in your life.  This week dig deeper and commit further to something you initiated in the past but lost focus.  Determination is half the battle, so show others that you mean business.  Even though there are bound to be obstacles placed on your path there won’t be anything to disappoint you enough to stop you from proceeding, there will be a way to go around them.

Your load is about to lessen, someone will come forward who can help you when you need it most.  Things will progressively ease in the coming weeks and the worry will start to calm down.  A healthier cycle is ahead, with your person and your relationship with money.  It is all a matter of interpretation.  This is a good week to also focus on your relationships to make sure things are balanced and no-one is feeling unappreciated.

If in some area of your life you feel you are getting the short end of the stick, the truth and someone’s knowledge of this truth could everything around. Self honesty will truly have a way of freeing you up.   There are some decisions and choices that need to be made, however, these choices and decisions will prove to be a lot more fun and exciting than usual.   It is all about choosing what is in your own best interest, putting yourself first. 

You are beginning to think differently regarding all that is possible, you are looking at something from different angles and this can make you rather unpredictable.  The truth is anything is possible right now just keep moving towards your dreams.  You will have a spirit of an innovator but keep in mind that if something isn’t broken then don’t try and fix it, focus this spirit on that which needs changing.   There is no rush, take the time to think things through.

It could feel as though you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working.  Like you have been tested no end.  Although you were never the type to roll over and call it quits something is pushing you to your limits.  A clever way through is coming due to a timely exchange with a trusted connection, one that creates an unexpected breakthrough in your communication. Just when you thought this thing was a lost cause, you find that your hope is restored.

Your true potential is coming to the fore, there is nothing you have to do differently it will all happen automatically.  In the past certain skills you may have taken for granted but now you realise that they have a role to play in your life.  There could be interesting offers for advancement and rewards will follow.  Just be patient and trust those gut instincts.  Let yourself shine brightly, this is no time to hide and let others see that beaming smile.

Break the mould Libra and try something new this week.  You are at your creative best which could have someone eating straight out of your hand. You may also receive an unexpected call or email from the last person you thought you would hear from, catching you pleasantly off guard. There is a desire for more adventure and fun, a bright future awaits you, making all your past efforts seem worthwhile.  Let the path unfold and enjoy the journey.

Nothing winds you up more than others who sit perched on a fence, steeped in indecision.  You need people in your life that are fully on board and in it for the long haul as this deepens your sense of trust in their intentions. You need to be free to have the kind of talks and exchanges that can lead to actual solutions.  Think through your words and your actions before rushing in to judgement, focus on your own abilities and do not compare yourself to others, you are unique.

If you can slow down long enough to quiet your mind and clear the static, you will be able to realise that a door will open soon and there could be an offer on the table. It is your own personal excellence that will help determine the level of positivity and abundance that is coming your way.  Focus on the tasks at hand and the rewards will take care of themselves.  All eyes are on you as others can tell that you are someone they need to watch.

The one thing you are worried about is that you are going to run out of time, things are moving so fast at the moment, this is a busy time for you.  You will need to avoid the tendency this week for over analysis, for too much analysis will lead to paralysis. Move through this week efficiently and with a deliberate pace. Let your mind work for you and the time you have will always be enough.  Everything you want and could need is available to you.

You could be in the process of confronting all of your pre-conceived limitations and are ready to bring them down with a bulldozer.  Make sure you take time to relax and calmly integrate the recent events of the past.  You could be feeling extremely emotional and it comes from the depths of your being. Do not allow minor details to become major catastrophes in your perceptions, you have to make sure things make logical sense and check the facts before rushing to take action.

You feel things deeply and sometimes can become overcome with too much emotion, not knowing if it is yours or theirs.  Being sensitive does come at a price, but in the end it brings you closer to the ultimate, to the timeless and to the boundless. By the weekend you could experience a healthy distancing from your emotions, one that allows you to observe yourself within your connections to others with less attachment. It will feel like a rare gift to be grounded in the midst of uncertainty. 

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