Sunday, 26 May 2013


You are being given an opportunity to step back from an impulsive decision that was made in the heat of the moment.  Whenever passions run high, it can lead to decisions being made without true regard to affordability or implication.  Do not let pride or false fear stand in your way as you let go a constructive healing process will begin, expanding your horizons as you find a new way forward, with optimism, a way that is right for you.

Recent events have inspired you to start thinking deeper thoughts and to come up with wiser ideas. You are realising that some things matter more than money, pleasure or status, there is more to life than these to work for.   If an unsatisfactory matter is not put right, it tends to stay on your conscience for a long time and you are growing keen to make sure that justice is done.  The better you are at communicating what you need, the better your chances will be for making a golden return on your investment.

These are intense times, things are likely to reach a peak this weekend before you will feel much relief.  Others could seem to be acting slightly crazy and out of character with emotions running high.  Make sure you keep your own house in order and clear the clutter that is causing the chaos.  Your words are very potent right now and can you have the ability to navigate this scenario into calmer seas.

You are likely to start to grow closer to someone whom has shown you a lot of support and trust lately and this will make your emotional life far more successful and satisfying.  Regardless of how intense and dramatic a situation could become, keep that smile on your face, and it will help you to relax enough to deal with it.  A repeating worry will soon lose its hold over you as you remember how strong you actually are in the face of adversity – you weren’t born with that protective shell for nothing.   

How things were, is no longer how things are.  It is highly likely that things in the future will be different again.  Try not to base your decisions on what was as you could find yourself returning to a situation you have only just recently escaped.  Some things could feel a bit hazy and uncertain and you could be filled with doubts but by early next week clarity will strike like a lightning bolt expanding your awareness in unpredictable ways. 

Doors have opened and closed, differences between people have come to a head and choices may have been made that will impact the rest of people's lives, including yours.  Some matters still need resolving, to do with the heart and the home, but you are aware of their importance.   By the weekend there will be an opportunity to air your concerns and then you will feel free to communicate harmoniously with others and help heal some rifts from the past.

You do a pretty good job of pretending everything is ok and can easily hide the stress and the strain if you really do not want others to see the reality.  You could find that some personal connections are being tested like never before.  The thing is I know you like sitting on the fence but there is no more time to skirt around something.  Face things head on, take positive action and you will be facing a bright dawn.

When you are unsettled you feel vulnerable, there is a strong need within you for emotional security.  Do not spend your time trying to right the wrongs in the outer world, instead work on your inner side that feels not quite right.  See the positive side of the past and set your mind at rest, then you will see all the potential that is there in your future.  Whatever surfaces in the next few days, it is occurring because the time is ripe for rapid progress. 

Tense moments are soon to be a memory, something that has been stressful will soon die down.  Perhaps someone has left you a mess to clear up, whether it is a financial, social or emotional one but the high point of the drama is over even though you are not entirely sure of the cause.  No territory is ever safe when it contains a loose cannon firing off missiles without due thought to the impact they will make.

There is a true benefit in reflecting about the past but only up to a point. It only serves us if certain memories prevent us from going down roads in the future. Further immersion in the past creates a paralysis and an inability to truly move forward. Resistance for change is futile now; leave your baggage at the station.  Your levels of excitement will soon increase as you embrace the unknown and the unpredictable.

You prefer setting your own pace and writing your own rules, however, you may have had no choice but to conform and this would have tested your tolerance levels to the hilt.  There is a need to express your experience with someone that you know understands whom is separate from the source of aggravation.  The fastest way to relieve the inner angst is to write it down or speak it out until you are out of words.   

You are likely to be feeling out of control and uncertain as to where your life is headed.  As soon as you try to put a footing down, the tide seems to sweep it away.  Perhaps this may direct you to do something radically different even if it means standing alone.  Remove the fear, everyone’s life story is different and unique.  Ask yourself what holds real meaning and value to you and this will give you the urge to make a bold move.

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