Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Something you recently set in motion is about to pick up some serious speed.  I would take a deep breath and stand back and look at all your recent accomplishments.  Brand new challenges are going to come from nowhere and there is a need to continue to persist in your attempts to achieve your goals.  If you can fit them in it is a great time for all social activities as life continues to surprise you with some open roads. 

This week heralds the start of a new set of projects and objectives, even though you do not have all the details worked out they are projects that can last a whole lifetime.  For instance pregnancies, marriages or partnerships.  The hardest part for you is always in getting the project started, making that first step.  As you sift through things that do not always make sense to the mind you find your desires igniting within your heart.

You are now free to find your way forward with more certainty and efficiency, there will be a need for you to start moving in a specific direction and with the help of Uranus you will start moving with acceleration.  Wild and new things are possible with an endless display of opportunities coming your way.  Finances are picking up and this will help to maintain your optimism, this could be the time to take some risks, a few chances to create whatever is needed to bring your ideas into reality. 

You could be taken a bit more seriously this week as you take emotional risks with your words of conviction and truth, things that you have filed away are coming out in the open ready for you to discuss.  You are giving someone the opportunity to reward you for your courage and loyalty.  Jupiter (the planet of luck) is about to move into your sign and others will see a huge personal transformation taking place within you. 

Recent events could have caused you to want to throw in the towel but this week you get a chance to see the situation from a much healthier vantage point and this could re-motivate you to move on.  You could find yourself questioning your beliefs as circumstances seem to be at odds with what you have believed in the past.  A sense of justice and a feeling of destiny finds you and although things are not likely to happen as planned there are some great adventures about to happen.

If you want something then it is up to you to go out there and make it happen.  Others are looking at you for direction at the moment as if you will be able to show them the next move, this is probably because you seem to be the only one that seems to know what is going on.  Career opportunities are likely so keep your eyes and ears open.  Remain adaptable to whatever the unknown is in your life right now, swim with the tides not against them, you will get to the shore faster. 

This is the time to be honest as there is something that you will not be able to sit on any longer.  Others may be surprised at your behaviour as you will not be behaving in the usual manner.  Once everything is in the light of day and out in the open, things can be dealt with directly.  Very soon after you will be celebrating and will wonder why your never tackled this issue sooner.  This is a good time to also get on top of any outstanding paperwork.

There is an opportunity to start afresh with someone you love dearly.  Whatever remnants are still unresolved between you that have recently surfaced there is now a chance to set the pain of the past free and move on.  It can feel like an explosion of understanding permeates your being, this is exciting because you can see not only what is taking place but also the reasons and motivations behind the actions of others.  Your magnetism is high this week and others will flock to be near you.

Passionate outbursts from you are likely this week that is because you could be wearing your heart on your sleeve and also when you think you are right then you will not hesitate in letting others know.  You and another may not be on the same page emotionally and it takes a great deal of courage to stand in a space of what you know to be true, especially if someone is equally passionate on their point of view.  Your powers of perception and observation are at their peak right now.

This week you have motivation and incentive to turn things around, you know that people can talk themselves into anything and they do this to rationalise and justify their behaviour.  You are interested in turning a soar feeling that was generated in a past situation into a productive emotion.  You could find that you have many different options and directions coming out of the blue, but this is a solution time one in which you can finally start to make some decisions.

The trumpets are blowing Aquarius – you can hear your calling and your mission.  By directing your energy and thoughts you will find that inner excitement, not only will you connect with something you want, you will experience an energetic current that pulls you forward.  There is a need to set the facts straight and you will be compelled to take the action to let everyone know where you are coming from.  Their illusions of you if they had any will be washed away.

Getting your emotions back on track after a time of being cast away on stormy seas can take a bit of time and that is what you have to give yourself right now.  Your energy levels are likely to start to return back to normal and you will feel able to make strong choices once again.  There is a lot that is changing and there is perhaps going to be many options on the table for consideration.  Your home life becomes very important and you wish to create an environment in which you can relax.

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