Monday, 24 June 2013


This is a time for inward reflection this week Aries where you take time out to contemplate and muse on the latest flurry of activity.  Pay close attention to the details and take your time, doing things right the first time round is what matters at the moment.  Your creativity levels are sky high and you will be able to put your high imagination skills to practical use. As you access your creative bowl, an air of playfulness surrounds you, and attracts others.

Even though you would rather float through the next few days the universe is making sure that you are totally grounded.  Any idealism of others will fall away and their ‘true’ self will be revealed.  A new adventure is commencing and it is important to see it for what it is as it is likely that new influences are going to take you on different path, it will feel important to acquire as many items for your next phase as possible.  You could be asked to put your heart on the line and say what you really feel.

So many of us make things harder than they need be through over thinking and yet there are also some things in life that are difficult.  The one thing is sure that there is something very powerful and empowering to earn that victory after an intense challenge.   You may find that after you make a serious decision something this week is about to become a lot easier.  Listen to what others are saying but try to avoid become trapped in heavy discussions with others, you need some lightness in your life.

This is a very social week for you when it is time to go out and have some fun.  It is vital right now that you concentrate on your hopes and dreams and do not allow anything to break your faith.  Rise above negativity and the harshness of the world and keep on track.  Personal finances are highlighted and it is important that you are making use of the gifts and talents you already have.  Major opportunities can appear right now as Jupiter is shining its light upon you.

A relationship exchange will make you feel more at ease and reassured about the future, someone you love will start to lighten your load.  If you invest your time and attention to overcome a hurdle that stands in the way of your wishes then you will be rewarded for your dedicated efforts.  This is the time to play by the rules and if you do things are likely to work out in your favour if you indulge in secrets you could be found out. 

Any choices and decisions you make you need to make sure have reality attached to them, times have changed and situations are not as they were. The thing is you cannot win if you are not in the game so as long as you remain in play you will have a chance at getting what you want.   As long as you expect the unexpected you will be able to make sure that everything moves along smoothly.  This is a great week for relaxing and figuring things out.

In the past it probably felt as though you were held back while others seemed to thrive but all this begins to change.  Perhaps you now realise that you are in the right place at the right time.  Many that may have avoided you in the past may now seek you out and need your help.  Although there may be moments of confrontation it is important that you remain true to yourself and stand your ground.  This is a great time for exchanging ideas with others.

If you need to get an important message across then this is the week to get it down on paper as your communication and writing skills are exceptional.  You may have to do what needs to be done rather than what you want to do as in putting the interests of others before your own.  Take each thing as it happens without assigning too much meaning into it, as all of a sudden one thing is likely to lead to another and all that you dreamed would never happen, could come true.

This week everything has a way of flowing, it all just falls into place, with little effort on your part, particularly in the areas of home and family.   You have an amazing ability to be able to connect with others and have a direct influence upon their lives and future.  There is more going on behind the scenes and slowly secrets will start to filter through to you that may take you out of your comfort zone initially, however, there is much wisdom to be found in this process.

Others cannot necessarily see your true nature upon first meeting, you tend to keep a lid on your feelings with a guarded exterior and yet when you do let someone in they are amazed at how gentle and empathic you really are.  This week there is an opportunity for you to show someone your inner nature, to reveal more of the self you have been protecting, one thing is for sure they will be back for more and will take you a few steps closer towards your dream.

Timing is everything right now so you will be required to be patient and remember that anything worth anything is worth waiting for.  What appears to be one thing on the surface is likely to be the opposite underneath so do not be fooled by appearances, some people are masters of disguise.  Be persistent in your approach and keep your mind on where you eventually wish to be, perhaps it is time to release certain conflicts with another so that you can have some peace in your life.

All you need is some tender loving care and that dose of extra comfort will go a long way in giving you the confidence you need to take a courageous step.  Soon you will find yourself taking responsibility for something that you have set in motion and you will begin to make the finishing touches.  If you are single there is the possibility of a new relationship being formed and if in a partnership already then marriage could be on the cards.

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