Monday, 8 July 2013


There are no limits to the passion and sensual energy that is oozing from you this week.  There has been a significant shift recently that has ignited that emotional spark within.  Love more and work less if you can, as this is the time to follow your heart, as opposed to chasing your mind.   Others will realise how much they really need your input particularly in getting something off the ground and will look to you to take the lead. 

There is someone you care deeply about and if things have been a bit strained on the communication front then you will find that you will be able to connect with more depth and understanding than ever before.  Beneficial change is on its way and this is initiated because of your intense feelings, wants and desires.  Things that had worried you in the past will fade into insignificance; remain positive no matter what negativity comes your way. 
You are in the process of pondering a big move that will set the stage for the next chapter of your life.  Home and relationships are key in your decision making factors and although you may need to back yourself out of an emotional outburst, where perhaps you said something before you thought about it, it won’t be anything you can’t sort out.  Events in your life start to move forward a lot faster, things happen and develop really fast from now on, like you are making up for lost time.

There is great potential waiting for you to access and others will certainly start to see what you are made of.  You are beginning a journey of self discovery and new beginnings.  There is likely to be some sort of communication from someone who has the power to advance your position on your path.  This will give you more confidence, the key in everything that is happening is to do with teamwork and partnerships, you no longer need to go it alone. 
The tide has turned for you Leo and you should start to feel that warm inner glow return and the fire within energising you again.  It is likely you have cleared a hurdle and you know there is no turning back. Regardless of what happens now there is an air of coolness about you, some things are like ‘water off a ducks back’ and have no influence over you.  Concentrate on doing what you can do to acquire the things you know you'll need in the future.

The lovely quality with you Virgo is that you have no idea the power, strength and influence you possess over others.  In the past you had to put up with being bossed around but now it has all changed and your inner determination and motivation allows you to ‘step up to the plate’ and take control, so be clear what you really want.  This is a social time and a new connection may reach out and touch your heart - love can happen when you least expect it. 

Be prepared to be in demand again Libra.  Watch out for lost opportunities that seem to appear from nowhere as everyone seems to want and need what you can offer.  Remain sharp on the financial front, things are starting to improve and will do over the next few weeks.  Get that financial plan together and pay attention to the detail.  If you speak up and take charge in the face of authority you are likely to get the respect you deserve. 

Sudden transformations are about to take place this is due to the emotional intensity that has been so strong within lately.  Things are about to become more balanced again and you will feel lighter as a result, if there have been delays or transport problems then these are likely to be resolved. Others want to get close to you as you exude magnetism, warm mixed with a little charm.  Listen to your gut instincts this week they will be a good judge of character.

Dont you love it when a plan comes together?  Well this is what this week will feel like to you, things that have been stagnant or stalled start to move forward, what was lost will now be found.  The only problem area is your mind at the moment when there is a tendency to over think things, when you do this you can put invisible barriers in the way, or lean on the side of negativity.  Keep busy and active and focused in the present and you can’t go wrong.

Your ruler has gone direct after being retrograde for four months and for you this will feel that you can start to get your power back and some important developments are likely to take place.  Usual ruts and routines will seem a thing of the past and adventures start knocking at your door.  One thing leads to another without much input from you, your level of attraction also increases.  A relationship could take you on a wild ride into unknown territory.

If you have lacked motivation and found it hard to drag your heels out the front door then this is about to change, with Saturn moving direct you are likely to not only become the centre of attention but also your hopes and dreams will be re-ignited.  Take care of the things that have been hanging over your head and get them fixed this will give you a true sense of accomplishment.  This week is going to go your way and social activities will turn out to be fun.

Your home and family life is about to become more stable than it has been for a while, things are settling down.  Wherever you have felt pain and sorrow, you can expect swift relief . Your dreams and plans for the future begin to look much clearer and detailed.  Long distance travel becomes very likely take you out of your usual comfort zone.   Before you may have had the ideas or insights, but lacked the materials or means to put things into motion.  Plans start to fall into place.

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