Sunday, 21 July 2013


Your roots are calling you; echoes from the past fill your mind and you long to be with those who you consider to be family.  The sense of unity and teamwork that you desire will drive you to see what is possible when two or more are focused on obtaining the same goals and objectives.  Take things slowly and think things through carefully making sure that it all makes sense, don’t let others rush you into making important decisions.

You could be attempting to talk yourself into feeling something different from what you do, the key is to remember that your emotions are not at all rational and there is no way to make any sense out of them.  This is, however, a perfect time for resolving any differences you have with a loved one.  Delays to do with travelling or appointments are possible and this can be frustrating, you need to dig deep to find tolerance this week.

The time you have spent lately in a state of confusion or frustrated that things are not moving as fast as they were planned to do is likely to be advantageous in the long run.  What we perceive as unlucky at a certain time can often be a blessing in disguise it is just that we cannot see around the next corner.  This week will have you rethinking everything with respect to how you spend your time and who you spend it with; it is all about quality not quantity.

Remain positive and patient this week Cancer, staying cool but methodical will serve you well.  It could have felt as if you have been carrying someone’s weight around with you but now you are being given the reigns and put in charge of navigation, so shed that load that is weighing the chariot down, set the course that is the easiest on the horses and follow your internal compass.  Be in the moment and the pathway will open before you.

Others may have been trying to influence your perceptions in the past and right now this will cause you to rethink or reconsider the choices that you must soon make.  There is an opportunity this week to experience the unthinkable, whether you see a vision, experience a lost loved one vividly in a dream or an emotional shift occurs.  There is much taking place that is beyond your control, if you have to force things to occur, you cannot expect them to last.

Someone you know may help get you connected to someone who has the power to help you like never before, do not dismiss this invite, make the effort to go you never know what prosperity will come from it.  You have already succeeded in something so there is no need to keep fighting or to be on red alert, lighten up and have some fun; your reward is on its way.  Even daily chores seem to flow with greater ease – stop worrying.
A set of circumstances have occurred which seem a complete inconvenience, however, the universe works in mysterious ways and you could find that this inconvenience encourages you to perceive another part of your life with fresh eyes.  There is a gift in an unexpected package for you.  This is not the time to procrastinate either, tackle little problems as they occur and this will prevent bigger issues developing.

You possibly don’t have all the information yet to make an informed decision, this week is loaded with choices, but you need a bit more time to make the best decision.  When Mercury begins turning direct on 20th, things will become clearer.  When others communicate with you this week, they could be saying one thing but meaning something much deeper.  Make sure you ask adequate questions to really get to the bottom of it. 

Born with a feel the fear but do it anyway attitude there have been moments when people may have thought you were totally right out of your mind to be doing something, but in the end, you proved them wrong.  You are not held back by some of the restraints of the other signs.  The road less travelled takes courage and your inner impulses will be pulling you this way.  A long term dream can turn into reality.

The things that you say or do will have a great impact on others right now in particular family members.  You have an opportunity to rewrite history, there could be similar events happening and you have a choice to change the outcome – nothing is ever exactly the same.   Gatherings with family members or close friends will be worth remembering. It is like you will be learning how to have fun all over again.  Take the risk and chances you know are right for you.

With so much focus now in those areas that need improvement it will be easy for you to direct your energy on what needs to be fixed, which would be particularly ideal in the area of fitness and exercise.  This is an excellent time to re-commit to an old plan and to set things in a better direction.  You may need to consider what the real motivations and intentions of others may be, their words may say one thing, but actions are the exact opposite. Get agreements in writing.

Your instinct is strong and it might have you taking risks when otherwise you normally wouldn’t, however, taking risks can result in a beneficial outcome.  You may need to open your eyes a little wider, increase your radar, because there could be something going on behind the scenes.  There is a bigger reason for all that is occurring so make sure you do not pass judgement too quickly.  Use your powers of observation to see beyond the surface issues.  

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