Thursday, 25 July 2013


With your ruler Mars being in feeling Cancer right now you will find that anything you have been side-stepping will catch you up.  People from the past may re-enter your life and this may give you the nudge to do something you have been putting off for a while.  There will be a lot of reasons to make excuses, or turn away but if you put in some effort this is when miracles can occur.  Step up to the plate Aries and you will be surprised at your fortune.

It is time to truly move on, either someone helps you see the light or a conversation with another helps heal a hard past.  Clarity of vision and movement is what this week is all about.  Relationships deepen and intensify, make sure you are open and share your ideas, hopes and dreams and surround yourself with those you can trust.  Even if by the weekend you are filled with strong emotions remain positive.

Your mind might as well take the back seat this week as there will be no time for over analysis that leads to emotional paralysis. By honouring the things you value will help you to find equilibrium when having to make tough decisions.  Once you do make that stand, it will be all systems go, events in your life are set to speed up and will get quite exciting in the near future.  Your full potential is rising – others will want to rally behind you.

You could be asked to give up something in return for something else, there are abundant gifts waiting in the wings, although you now have some decisions to make.  What do you really want?  Once you know that then things will start to flow.  Even if it seems that history is repeating itself, there is one difference, you can choose the path this time and get to determine the outcome – others need you to be a leader.

Even if things do not seem totally great right now there are plenty of things you are happy to have moved on from.  The key is not to take life too seriously at the moment, as soon as you lighten up, this is when key insights will come flooding in, your horizons will then expand and your faith will rocket.  Do not get dragged into an argument you know you can’t win, rise above conflicts.  Your powers of attraction are at their peak so get ready for lots of attention.

Your social and personal skills are superb and you will feel like expressing the deepest of your feelings in a carefree way, this is a time of personal relaxation away from worry, a sense of calmness and confidence exudes from you, it is as if you know that you can handle anything that might come your way. Family is important and any differences will be overcome bringing you much closer to those you love.

Pace yourself Libra, if you really want to reach the peak then you need to pause and have a rest occasionally.  Rome was not built in a day.  Efforts and time dedicated to your creative pursuits will start to bear fruit and materialise, it won’t be long before you start to see a glimpse of this happening.  A more secure path is forming which will allow you to breathe a little bit easier.  Keep taking one strong step forward at a time, with a few rests on route to keep up your strength, as success is near.

You are at the peak of your imagination and creativity and this will bring out the best of your personality and charm.  Thinking outside of the box will be relatively easy too.  However, ripples from past memory banks could hang around like an emotional tattoo. It can take going over something again and again until you literally have exhausted it and have no choice but to raise that white flag and surrender. Let it go and be free.

Popularity is set to soar with the chance of some sort of fame shining down on you.  This is very good energy and is the time to get your daily tasks and chores done and focus your attention on the future.  There will be stressful moments now and then but it is possible to obtain what you need now.  Be proactive and use your infectious optimism to inspire others you will be amazed at how much support comes your way.

Communicating to someone what you have felt for ages but never had the confidence to put into words will seem easier to do this week.  Your emotions are rising up and have a need to be expressed; they want to be released, so that you can move on to the next level.   Love and romance is very fulfilling right now and it could feel that lightening has striked and nothing will be the same again. An exciting time is about to commence.

Create a game plan this week that will produce positive results for the future, this is necessary right now so that you do not become distracted or go off track.  Changes cannot happen overnight but initiating this process will enable you to feel as though you are halfway there.  Career developments and opportunities for advancements in earnings are on the horizon, when you love what you do then money invariably follows.

Right now you could not have more abundant support to actualise your creative life purpose and your true calling from the heavens - so dig deep and get moving.  Take time for yourself and others to enjoy the ‘life’ experience and indulge in a few pleasures.  Your powers of attraction are high and there is a mischievous cheeky edge to you which is appealing to others.  Risk taking and chances could pay off too.

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