Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A wave of optimism spills into your world which in turn will help eradicate a few hardships and the progress that ensues can bring you significant wealth and abundance too.  Focus on tasks, projects and all that needs to be completed or tied up in your life.  Your perception and instincts are right on the ball so taking the occasional risk or chance could also pay off.  Social activities could prove to be a lot of fun.

Your thoughts are the key to your happiness, energising the right thoughts generate better feelings.  There are plenty of opportunities to generate better communication within your relationships right now and by you injecting some empathy and compassion into a situation will dissolve all the hard bitter edges.  Work on eliminating outstanding debts and keep a tight control on your spending – it will be worth it.

Slow those thoughts down and make sure you are doing what needs to be done as safely and effectively as possible, you have possibly found yourself ahead, but late in the game, so don’t do anything to put things at risk.  You can start to settle into a better stride now; there has been a feeling of waiting for the next bombshell, but if you remain cool and collected you will be able to keep doing the things that need to be done.  Be open to new ideas and adaptable to changes, go out and socialise and wait to reap the rewards.

Your heart can set you free Cancer, in other words if your heart is truly in something amazing things can happen.  Your feelings are the most powerful tool that you own.  There are now opportunities for you to rise above previous debilitating emotions and direct your life with more confidence and calmness. Others are noticing you, even if they have ignored you in the past – your job however is to just keep moving forward.

Life could seem more out of control now than it has been for a while; there is unpredictability about the direction you find yourself travelling in.  You will find that you could be emotionally pushed but this can lead to more of your potential coming to the fore, as well  helping to increase your understanding of what happened in the past and why.  Seek to break routines this week, hunting out new places and new things.

Relationships of all shapes and sizes are highlighted now and it is within those connections that your life starts to blossom.  Life has been crazy lately and now it is time to take a breather and this will allow your confidence to rise up and you will attract a lot of attention.  Someone close to you could do with a listening ear and may need your words of guidance this week. 

It is important to trust a certain snag in a process now as it is happening for a reason. Be strong enough to get all the way inside the emotion it is creating and you will find a way to untangle the knot. Deep feelings and passions from within you are stirring, inside you know what you want and now you have to take action and make it happen.  There is the possibility of travel and you will see things from a new perspective.

Like attracts like and your emotions are going to dictate your immediate reality and the future that follows. There are magnificent material rewards and wealth potential coming your way, you have been literally tested by fire this year and you have probably identified your limits or breaking points and now here come the opportunities.  Past actions now bring rewards; you can find answers and solutions this week.

This week the home fires are burning and you long to see family or be in the place you call home.  There could also be a hidden talent within you or even something that you are interested in that you have denied in the past.  Taking care of the daily activities and rolling up your sleeves to get the job done is important right now even if it seems a bit dull, make sure you get it right first time and you will be able to spend time with your favourite people.

In the past, there have been times of struggles and difficulties, but all that is changing as your ruling planet is trying to bring you the wealth and rewards that you have rightly earned. Just watch how new life adventures and opportunities begin to unfold in your life. Focus on what you can accomplish and others will soon recognise your talents and abilities.  You have been given a green light now – so no more stalling.

Do you want something you can’t have or just can’t get enough of that makes you want more? Perhaps you have overindulged in something and now it is time to scoop out what you don’t want and create some space for something better.  There is great potential for amazing life experiences to happen for you that bring you a lot of personal happiness and satisfaction.  So do not get stuck on one thing, use your creativity and branch out.

Effort and intention are such integral parts of making things happen this week and with the right emotional ingredients miracles can occur.  .You are starting a brand new cycle and everything is on the table you have to make sure that you know why you are choosing a certain direction and if it is based on solid reality and facts.  There are limitations to some dreams and their conditions, look deeper within yourself and see what actions can bring you satisfying abundance.

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