Monday, 1 July 2013


This is a week where you could feel that the pressure is really on.  There could be certain talks with family members that can no longer be avoided and as much discomfort as this brings it is time to be determined and unbending in your approach.  Keep one step ahead of the game making sure your powers of observant are right on the mark, focus on the small details to ensure errors do not occur.  Delegate the things you know you need to in order for you to be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

With the energy surrounding you now anything is actually possible, others will want to keep on the right side of you and you could find that they move forward to help you out of a sticky situation.  Popularity soars and with regard to a relationship some unfulfilled wants and needs will shortly be met.  If there is something you have been meaning to express creatively or emotionally then this is the time to do it.  Doors are opening.

You could be thinking about a more profitable way to spend your time and you will be focusing on earnings and resources.  There could be opportunities to do with real estate or that come to you via family.   If you are in doubt about anything, talk about what needs to be tackled and it will become clear.  Old traps and routines that held you captive in the past no longer have a holdover you so break free as this new beginning is full of exciting adventures.

It is not yet the time to make important choices or decisions but it is in your best interest to investigate the facts and make yourself aware of different options.  Keep an open mind at this time and make sure you stay on top of daily tasks.  Jupiter has entered your sign and soon you will start to feel the benefit of this planet of abundance.  Meanwhile it is important to re-think a strategy and allow yourself the time to settle into a new way of thinking.

In the next few days, you will be able to see the bigger picture plan which will then allow you to make strong choices in the present moment.  The success and progress you can make now is incredible, but the last thing you need is others getting jealous and working behind your back to cause you problems, so make sure your feet are firmly on the ground.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes and you are working on setting and preparing the stage for the next act to follow.

Others are waiting for you to be the one that sets the tone and initiates the actions, so speak up and tell others what is going on in your mind.  Trust your instincts.  After the weekend something is just going to click when you suddenly see a different perspective on a situation, it is as if you are struck by a flash of inspiration and ingenuity.  Communicating what is in your heart to a close other will create ripples of understanding.

You are being recognised for what you bring to the table, there could be opportunities to do with career or your vocation in life so keep your ears and eyes open.  However, Mercury is retrograde which means that this can be a time where mistakes are made or words are overlooked.  Work on all the details and double check any contracts that you need to sign as you may need to re-negotiate something, do not just assume someone else has it covered.

You find yourself standing in a different place and are seeing things from a different angle, this enables you to marvel at the vision before you in all its greatness and inspires you to put into action a plan for the future.  There are still certain limitations around you for the moment but in a couple of weeks these too will clear.  Those in the past that didn’t believe you were right - will soon realise how ahead of your time you were.

You are being asked to take the lead, step up to the plate and take control, it is because you can see the best way something is to be achieved, seeing beyond the usual limits.  Some maybe afraid of the changes that are happening right now but you have the ability this week to not only see the whole but also to see the steps it takes to get there.  On the personal front take time out for yourself and make sure you have adequate space to rest in-between helping the world.

Your relationships with others have got to a level where they are starting to flow, the expansive energy of Jupiter is shining down on you and also increasing your power of attraction.  You may have to tie up some loose ends over this week, finish those chores off and sort that paperwork out.   It may be necessary to turn away from some non-productive element of your life, as you progress it is natural for some things, to fall by the wayside.

You could be tempted to blow some things out of proportion that is because your focus is on all that is broken or basically not right with your world.  Something seemingly small can become larger than life and there is one thing that is taking up all your thoughts.  It may be that you need to take a risk that will carry you into different territory.  Make the effort to turn things around, you do this by moving your focus to something that is more positive, you will be amazed at how quickly things start to sort themselves out.

A feeling of immeasurable security is heading your way, for a while now it has been a struggle but shortly things will start to flow.  You are well known for something and the universe could be about to re-launch you but first it will reveal some missing creative pieces that will take you to a higher level.  Others always think they know best but your powers of observation and awareness are very strong at the moment.  Be ready to take the lead.

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