Wednesday, 14 August 2013


There isn’t much that can hold you back this week, your passions are running high, this is an action packed time full of challenges and fun.  Your playful and flirtatious nature is coming out for all to see, your powers of attraction are high, so expect some wanted and unwanted attention.  Remember the details when putting together an action plan it could be easy to overlook the mundane tasks that need attending to.

The ball has found its way back into your court, some emotional issue has been playing on your mind and now you are in a position to have the upper hand.  You can handle just about anything now and do what needs to be done to take advantage of your current opportunities.  Make sure your attention remains on making your home life that solid foundation on which you can build upon.

Make no mistake Gemini, changes are coming and it's up to you to determine how the outcome will affect you.  One thing leads to another, so if you encounter some obstacles, restrictions or delays, it is part of it, try and be patient.  The unknown can create a well of discomfort especially if those choices to be made impact on your financial livelihood.  Spontaneous conversations can lead to a different approach which makes all the difference.

It is all about the financial condition and areas of your life and at the moment your mind is razor sharp well able to solve any riddle or puzzle that is put in front of you.  Abundance and prosperity is winging its way towards you, then you can spend more time developing your talents and abilities.  Leadership roles are required of you now and others will be looking to you to take charge - to set yourself apart from the pack.

Conditions and events could seem similar to the past but are likely to be loaded with surprises at every turn.  Even though you think you have seen it and done it, you will soon realise that things have changed and moved on since then.  Slow down and think very carefully before making promises you can’t keep or making statements that you cannot back up.  Focus on the tasks in front of you and try not to get side tracked.

You are being reminded of all those things that mean the world to you, some things are transient and they only fill you up in the moment leaving a void to be filled the next day, however, others are permanent and leave you feeling warm inside.  You are figuring out the difference this week.  You are now setting the tone; your thoughts and the emotional current that pulses within you, focus on your dreams and let miracles happen in your life.

There is an odd combination of feeling emotionally empty and at the same time others are tugging on you with their need for you to help them in their process. Striking a healthy balance is the key; the heavens are trying to bring you more pleasure and enjoyment from life and the things you do at this time will bring you additional rewards.  Follow your instincts when it comes to figuring others out as what they do and say can be confusing.

Often you feel more than you want to and this can have a way of stirring up some unwanted emotion that not only won’t let you go, it is emotion you thought you were done with. A break from the overwhelming surge that has demanded your undivided attention is however on its way. This will give you a kind of objectivity that will allow you to view the situation from a different perception, bringing some kind of relief.

There is too much going on and you will experience moments of being overwhelmed, your mind is at saturation point and you just can’t seem to absorb any more data.  Treat yourself this week to some space for yourself where you can get let your imagination roam.  Once you have relaxed down you will be able to partake in social activities.  Go out and have some fun, let your hair down, after all this change in routine you will be able to think much clearer.

You may not be able to think your way out of feeling something, but you will be able to think differently about what you are feeling, knowing this road is yours, you created it and you will make the very most of your time here. Your chart gives you incredible levels of concentration and focus right now and it is this is the kind of pattern that leads to significant material success because it allows you to work out all the details in your mind before taking any kind of action.

There is a second chance at something you thought was over, a surprising and potentially pleasing turn of events catches you when you least expect it.   It can involve connections with others that you thought were long gone and in your past, maybe something feels unresolved, you have more to say and you get another chance to clear your name. This week you find your voice and feel your heart beating loudly.

You may have the tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt, over trusting at times, but nothing will get past you now. This is also an excellent time to initiate a new health regime that works not only well but fast.  You are really starting to see things turning around in a major way for you, most of it is the result of being able to harness more of your personal power.  

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