Monday, 19 August 2013


it is time to face the music and deal with what is real as you prepare for a better momentum at a pace that you can enjoy. This is your week to turn a painful page and begin writing the next chapter of your life story.  These are emotional days for you and this energy gives you incredible powers of imagination that can enable you to find answers and solutions.  This will help to improve your life conditions whilst keeping you grounded in facts.

Pay attention to your daily purchases and agreements, this ensures the gains you make will be long lasting and increase in value.  There is a lot of hard work still to be done so make sure you prioritise your tasks.  By your very nature you are steady and strong, a survivor and the only thing that can throw you off your game is too much emotion, the last thing you need is to become slushy and unsteady right now.  Surrender to your feelings, go with the flow and you will keep afloat this week.

There may be the potential to reach someone where in the past there has been a barricade, something shifts and you are heard.  All communications progress and there are some positive developments.  Let you intuition guide you and say what is needed to be said as this is no time to keep quiet.  Your imagination is loaded with creativity and this kind of energy can spark ideas that can lead to inventions or solutions.

It may have felt like you are experiencing one emotional trigger after the next as Mars through your sign can ignite every living emotion within you.  Life can be hard work but this week you will amongst all the ups and downs find a way to experience levity and fun.   Others are drawn to you as they are seeing parts of you that they have never seen before.  Changes are coming your way so get ready by preparing the pathway.

A solid plan with some passion in your heart is all you need to get ahead.  Something may happen faster than you think as there is an opportunity to create a sea of change in your life.  It is better to listen more than to speak this week as others can reveal a lot of facts that you were not aware of.  You could find that your family or those close to you need you to be around for them for strength, leadership and support.

You are forever on a mission to improve and perfect what lies within you and what is surfacing around you.  This week you will have to exercise some blind trust is a situation or someone that has an uncertain outcome.  Something inwardly will be driving you as you feel compelled to trust in this instinct.  The material side of your life is very much on your mind and you will be paying close attention to expenditure.

Freshing up a stale setting when it comes to a love relationship is often all it takes to invigorate that spark back to life.  Inject some attention and enthusiasm towards this area of your life and watch the rewarding results take fruit.  Burdens should also lessen and lift as you work towards finding a balance in your life.  Ask for help if you need it as someone may be taking you for granted and not pulling their weight.

Do not let anyone or anything break your faith this week, if things were to happen easily or be given on a plate they probably would not be appreciated as much.  Keep going as things will eventually work out in your favour.  This is a time for constructive and productive effort and if you remain positive you are well able to achieve and accomplish all that you wish and hope for.

Unplanned changes could come out of the blue and you will have to adapt accordingly, you will find it easier than most but there will be others around you that may need a bit of a push to go with the new flow.  No matter what life throws at you, as long as you believe in yourself, no matter how deep or emotional things become, you can rise above and have the confidence to get through it, this act of faith, inspires others.

There is electricity in the air, exciting changes are on their way, in fact your world can turn around within a couple of hours.  You are about to free yourself from something that has held you captive and it will feel like you have finally found the right exit on the motorway that never seemed to end.  You seem to have a deep understanding into what is happening and why and can sense what is also likely to happen.

Someone from your past who may have been defensive towards you softens and changes their tune or someone new enters your world and it feels as if a light has been turned on inside of you.  It is your connections with people that change everything; you need those around you with a like mind so that you can share ideas and discuss interests.  A bigger picture is looming and you will be picking up the clues that reveal the whole over the next couple of weeks.

You may become privy to some information that changes the way you think, giving you good reason to believe that things are going to go your way. Once you find the missing link, one small but profound detail, it will make a monumental difference.  Elements of the past are likely to re-appear and this will give you some clues as to how all events are tied together to lead you in a new direction.  Your physical strength and endurance is high right now along with passion and desire.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful Aries reading!! Much love and blessings!!

  2. Thank you for your kind feedback, it is really appreciated, hope you have a great week - Cathy x