Wednesday, 28 August 2013


A bolt from out of the blue could throw an opportunity into the mix that could take your life in a different direction.  Life is far from dull right now and even though there is a lot going on you are also in a position to establish a strong sense of inner balance.  Someone surprises you by showing a side of them not previously seen; you could find that this in turn inspires you to delve into something that you have not explored fully.

Keeping your eye on what holds ultimate meaning for you is vitally important, it is important that you do not get pulled away by distractions that serve as time wasters and energy takers.  Do not let the irrelevant have a hold on you.  This week it is about eliminating all things that do not support your needs now, including any self-defeating thoughts.  This is a good time for a spring clean, clear the clutter and make way for the new.

You crave diversity and variety, in fact the more different experiences you can have the more you feel alive and engaged in the world.  Lately, you may have had some electric ideas but to capitalise on their chances of manifesting, you need to make sure that your heart is in it as well as your thoughts.  However, do not let those fears stop you from recognising a real opportunity when it is in front of you – remain optimistic but true to yourself.

This week you will have the extra courage to go the distance, to take risks and to follow your instinct. Events could come straight out of nowhere; leading to a breakthrough that only happens once in a lifetime. Do not over think things, go with the flow and feel your way there.   The only wrong thing you are in danger of doing this week, is questioning your own ability to do the right thing.

You may have to experience an edge of discomfort this week in order to gain some objectivity that can offer the understanding you need to proceed with speed. There will be some old content surfacing in your key connections that need to be confronted and cleared.   Keep things simple, remembering to take care of your own basic health needs, you will need to make sure you have adequate energy reserves for the upcoming tasks.

It may have felt lately like your terrain is covered in a fog and it has been hard to plan or see the wood for the trees.  This has probably left you feeling very frustrated and a little bit down, the thing is every cloud does have a silver lining, so although things appear to be unsure, certainties will occur and that which has appeared to be a disappointment proves to be a  blessing in disguise.

A wrong is about to be turned into a right, some power struggles are still at play but some alternative avenues will end up expanding your circle of influence, helping to turn things around.  It will probably boil down to who you know not what you know.  Make sure that you stand your ground and don’t give in; it will be worth it in the end.   Each time you need to overcome an obstacle, remember, to stand back enough to get an objective look at it.

Something in your personal life could happen unexpectedly and this will turn out to be a pleasant surprise.  You will also gain a lot of comfort and a sense of security this week with others that have proven their loyalty in the past.  The key to ease and success this week, lies either in doing something you truly like - or in learning to like something that you often feel inclined to resist or resent.  .

There are some steps that you need to take that could risk you creating a certain sense of alienation, steps that may honour your own unique individuality but not be understood by others.  New insights into the changes that you need to make will let you know that you are on the right track even if these changes can push you out of your comfort zone and away from the mainstream.  Perhaps it is the pioneer in you coming out.

A process long before now has been set in motion and it has to play itself out, call it cause and effect, it can’t just stop midstream because it is inconvenient or too painful, it has to take its natural course.  You are perhaps working through something karmic with regard to family members or key people in your life. Do not let it become too much of a burden and inject some faith in human nature and eventually it will resolve.

Fear is soon to be replaced with a greater amount of hope once you have a game plan in place. Something changes when you realise that you have nothing left to lose and everything in the world to gain. The unthinkable is possible now and you are the one that has that extra special ingredient to guarantee a good outcome. Find a way to trust in what you feel but cannot see and say no to the voice of doubt in your head.

In the coming week you will connect with an alternative approach of making your way in the world, one that you know will be worlds better for you in the long run. If you want balance and you want equal amounts of giving and receiving, speak up and accept nothing less than what is fair and just.  A relationship may have reached the end of the road, just know if this is the case, with its removal, it will create space for someone more like minded and like hearted to enter.

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