Wednesday, 7 August 2013


This week you are likely to be a bit distracted, so this is one of those times when you need to make sure you pay close attention to the details, especially when signing agreements or fulfilling promises.  You could be feeling inner discomfort like you are not making any progress at all, this is because of your ruler Mars being in Cancer which is stirring up the emotional waters, the reality is, your mind is going through some much needed contemplation as you prepare to re-emerge with fiery desire like never before.

There are financial opportunities all around you, just make sure you get all agreements in writing, however on your side it is all about bringing that deal home through proper planning and making those ideas a reality. Make sure you keep your ears open and really listen to what others are asking for, instead of jumping in and giving a lecture on something that does not apply.  Socially you are as popular as ever and will be a magnetic beacon on an evening out.

Others are drawn towards you lately as they sense the confidence and convictions within you, the more you slow down and plan your moves, the better the outcome will be.  Your biggest challenge is remaining focused as lady luck is with you and you need to accomplish as much as possible this week.  Financial elements are looking up, especially by the weekend, every decision you make now will dramatically alter the road ahead.

All kinds of breakthroughs can be made at this time, the kind that could transform your life entirely.  The thing is it is all about being in the game to win, therefore, you cannot allow anything to get in the way of you turning away from faith or self confidence.  You may have to deal with struggles or obstacles but this is a time loaded with potential and promise.  So stick in there and do not be tempted to turn away at the last hurdle.

Whatever was bringing you down could turn itself around just like that, there are better days ahead.  It is like you have not been able to depend upon anyone outside of yourself for what you need, every time you reached out, their hand was withdrawn.  A change of heart will lead to things just falling into place and working out in your favour.  Many personal opportunities will appear, open up to others and let nature take its course.

Not letting that fear of the unknown hold you back is the key, there is a personal transformation occurring, one that allows you to relax and enjoy life without worrying too much about the future.  Others may feel threatened by your general ease with life and see you growing in power and subtle influence. Maintain your standards and make sure whatever task you do is done with as much precision as possible.

Life can be unpredictable and so can others around you, however, you can still be rooted to a place you call home where you can escape from the madness of it all.  Keep in mind this week that you cannot always judge the outcomes by the events that are currently occurring.  Be willing to adapt and trust your gut instincts, they will guide you.  Allow yourself to dream big - the world is your oyster and why shouldn’t it be?

If there ever was a time to get a bigger vision and a better hold on your life and on your path it would be now. You continue to gain in personal strength and power and at the same time there is a growing sense of hidden awareness that can almost over-power your senses at times.  Relationships are being redefined and new close contacts are being formed.  There is the possibility of some travel occurring shortly.

Keep things simple and life will seem to flow with a lot more ease.  Over complication can lead to confusion so when things seem hectic bring it back to the basics.  You always do so much for others and most of the time others are not aware because you make it all look so easy.  However, this is your time to call in favours and reap the rewards of your efforts, if you put in the hard work there can be material rewards.

You are injected full of positive productivity, so keep the bigger picture in mind versus the daily events that consume so much of your time.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done at this time, it is the things you take care of now that allow you the time to kick back and relax later on.  Early next week is great for any social or romantic activities, attention will be coming your way, as your personality shines bright.

You may be worrying a lot right now - but nothing is usually as bad at it seems.  There are plenty of times when you may have feared the worst and somehow, the tides turn and you get a break.  Someone you least expect is going to come through for you, others are seeing the same spark and looking at you for direction and leadership and will support you in your ideals.  Pay attention to your diet and make sure you eating well, stress can take its toll.

You have a radar that is fierce and a lens that is clear this week and this gives you an intuition that knows the way.  Trust in who you are and all that you bring to the table, it is indispensible.  Past experiences seem to come together and become of huge benefit to you, allowing you a fresh start from a stronger and wiser position.  Others may need you to be around and you may need to lend a listening ear.

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