Wednesday, 11 September 2013


This is a time when unexpected rewards can appear as long as you remain positive and patient.  Things just have a way of working out in your favour even if the results may take longer than you would like.  Attend to daily details and concentrate on the small print this week.  Some routine may have out served you and your needs have changed; perhaps a long established habit needs evolving?

You may have come across a blockage in your path in the past and now you are deliberately holding back because of your fears of the same happening again.  This is a time of opportunity and you now need to use your wits and intuition to ensure that you are successful.  You cannot rely upon past or old methods of doing things it is time to carve a new path.  Hold onto your dreams.

There is some jealousy in your life; perhaps others are green with envy at your prospects for progress and success.  Just do the things that you want and choose to, do not worry over the pressure that you feel others want to put on you, it is your time to shine, not waste time in worrying about how others perceive you.  If you feel like taking the lead then do it, trust your instincts as they will serve you well this week.

Your creative powers are extremely high this week and there is no one more equipped than you to find solutions to problems or challenges that you may be facing.  You could find that you are catapulted into the public eye or those in authority will take an interest in you.  The thing is you really can make a difference and there are those out there that believe it too, do not be frightened to take control of the reigns.

Emotions are running high and you are feeling them strongly right now, it is important that you do not act upon impulse but weigh things up.  There are many temptations out there at the moment and they can cause a distraction to reason.  This is a terrific time for love and romance with a spot of future travel being planned.  If you are single expect someone to ring your bell and if in a relationship enjoy being pampered.

Wants and desires are running so deep within you right now that you cannot wait to have an outlet to express them more fully.  All of that is coming Virgo, as change is around the corner and your life is set to become extremely busy.  Enjoy the calm now and use this time to get your things in order.  Make sure a partner is carrying their share of the load and motivate yourself to get lots done this week.

Your actions and the effort that you put into something could end up increasing your overall wealth significantly.  The more you can envision the type of future you desire then the more likely that it is to happen, as you are more than adept at building clear images in your mind and then are able to take action upon them.  Some good news is on its way and this will clear the pathway for even more progress to ensue.

It has been rather intense lately but there are some fun and playful times on the horizon.  Others are ready to rally behind you and support your solutions and when some new facts are revealed this can cause a change in perception within and you will see things in a new light.  The weekend is fantastic for social activities and you will enjoy catching up with old friends and neighbours.

Elements of the past can re-surface once more and it is important that you do not allow this to darken your hopes or dreams.  Keep a level head and try not to allow the feelings and emotions to cause you to take impulsive actions that you could regret later.  Do what you know is right and stand your ground even if others do not understand – they will get the greater picture soon, you are always ahead of the crowd.

Be in the now Capricorn, remain in the current moment, you can afford to be your cool, calm and collected self as even though you know there is still a lot of hard work to do, the rewards are also going to be on their way when the time is ripe.  This is a great time for taking a few days and going somewhere different, spending moments with family and nurturing your relationships, this will be a revitalising force for you.

Finance and the ability to earn money are featuring well as there is an indication of increase and opportunities in this area.  A problem that you have been searching for a solution too could be irritating you this week, the key is to relax and not to worry, as the answer you have actually found is probably the right one even if it does seem unconventional.  Give it some time and the truth will out

You are a fiery fish this week and this energy will be pushing you to overcome your fear of change and take on the challenges that you face in a direct fashion.  Take notice of the signs around you and make sure you use your powers of observation to give you clues.  Trust your gut instinct as it is likely to be spot on.  Networking proves to be profitable and ‘who you know’ as opposed to ‘what you know’ becomes invaluable.

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