Thursday, 26 September 2013


Problems and challenges that appear from nowhere seem to disappear with little or no real effort on your part this week.  This is due to your ability to interact and function with others and your powers of attraction being sky high.  Everybody seems to want to be around you and they all want something that only you can give.  Your mind is locked into real value and you need to trust your instincts at this time especially when it comes to finances.

Confusion and restrictions are all around you these days but as long as you do not get caught up in it or allow yourself to get erratic or desperate; you will be on the winning side of the fence.  However, this is when new opportunities are most likely to appear, so it's a matter of remaining alert and maintaining your highest levels of personal honour and ethics.  Get out there and let things happen, lighting can strike at any time.

Your awareness levels are right off the chart this week, just by thinking about someone allows you to lock in and feel their feelings and perhaps even hear their thoughts.  In some cases, this energy comes through so strong that you can confuse what you are picking up from others as your own thoughts and feelings.  For that reason, do things with caution and moderation as time is on your side.   

You have so much personal experience working in your favour, you have been there and done it so therefore things are less likely to rattle you.  Instead you have developed your skills to be fluid and adaptable and that is your current key to success.  Roll with whatever happens this week as some unexpected events are likely to come your way.  Your social skills and sense of humour will allow you to rise above any madness this week.

Strong vibes of self confidence and competence are oozing out from every pore and although this is an excellent space for you to be in it can cause others who are insecure to feel somewhat threatened.  Some may challenge your power, position or authority in some way, the key thing to remember is that you do not have to lower yourself or even have to try to defend yourself, it is all a matter moving forward towards your hopes, dreams and wishes.

This is a time of beginnings whether it be long term projects, goals or tasks or even pregnancies.  Rewards take sustained work and time before they appear, therefore, you should not be looking for instant resolution or instant gratification. Instead, look down the road at your long-term hopes and dreams.  Be calm even when most of what is happening is beyond your control. 
There could be a natural fear that what is not real will somehow be removed or taken away from you.  This can happen as everything appears to be finally going your way, what you have to do at this point is believe in yourself and in your talents and abilities.  There is a renewed life force deep within yourself making this a very sensual time.  Once you focus you can get just about anything done and completed.

The past is over and the future did not get here yet, so all you have is the present moment and the things you do today determine what your life will be like in the future.  You have at the moment won an internal battle and succeeded making you much more approachable and down to earth.  Like minded people cross your path and your personal uniqueness and originality sets you apart and gives you power.

No fear seems to be your motto this week, when others are tense and fearful your energy comes in the room like a bolt filling others with optimism and hope.  This is more the result of knowing that you can handle just about anything that comes your way as your awareness levels are especially strong right now and you naturally tend to steer yourself away from problem areas.   

You have all the skills and abilities to be the power behind the throne this week, you can expect the unexpected too as life changing events can take place in the blink of an eye.  Others will want to get up close and personal with you because your life force is so appealing and attractive.  Love and romance is high on your agenda making this is a good time to start a relationship or deepen an existing one. 

Being in the right place at the right time has lots of benefits as at the moment you naturally seem to be in time with the universe.  Life is flowing quite smoothly right now and there is a strong element of fate and destiny taking place.  Have the courage just to be yourself and resist following the crowd or public opinion.  Take care of the usual duties, responsibilities and chores whilst connecting with friends and family as their support is key to your personal success.

You are in a social and light hearted mood this week when the inner child wants to come outside and play.  Avoid any heavy conversations or getting in the middle of an argument as this type of conflict will drag you down. By the weekend home and family issues come to the fore and need some attention.  Make the time to have some fun and enjoy meeting others of a like mind as this will create a feeling of being on top of the world.

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