Thursday, 26 September 2013


It is time to plan for the future and focus on making alliances with other like minded people.  New relationships could occur as by the weekend you are in your party and social mood, others loving to be around you because you make them feel so good.  Energy levels are high and you will be attracting all sorts of unusual opportunities.  You may be a bit impatient with those who just can’t keep up with your speed. 

Time is of the essence, well that is what you instinctively feel, you wish to see movement and you will do all you can to make sure everything is in place.  It could be, however, that you have more time than you think and it is others that are applying the pressure.  Put in that essential administration and this will both reduce nervous tension and save time in the long run.  Let others see you at your best this week, it will be obvious who really stands by your side and who is there just for the ride.

Quick progress could occur if you apply a cynical approach, although this is not always healthy, sometimes this viewpoint is needed to turn situations around.  Some investigative work is likely this week and time spent researching will allow you to form a part of the bigger picture.  Check the details and the fine print as this could be an extremely financially creative week and you may wish to benefit fully from this.

You have now learnt not to let the good times blind you from the reality and cycles of life.  Family and close friends play an important part in the plan right now and can help to keep your feet on the ground.  Slow down and make sure you get the facts right as scattered negativity may exist around you and it is up to you to make sure the focus is kept.  Your gut instincts will help when you are ready to take monetary chances.

The hardest thing to do sometimes is to know when to walk away, others always try and draw you back, but they only have that hold over you for a certain amount of time especially if in your heart you know it is the best for all concerned.  This is not the time to take risks or gamble your focus should be directed at making a difference and improve the lives of those you care about.  Socially this is a popular time for you.

Are you missing or ignoring something?  Make sure that your imagination is not running away with you as elements of the past have a way of resurfacing right now, jolting reactions in you.  New people are about to enter your life and your life is about to take some interesting twists and turns in the weeks ahead.  You may need to move your investments or keep a close eye on your finances.
There are about to be some significant improvements on the home front there is a lot of work and preparation still to do but you have now been given the green light.  Your vocation or career could also receive a boost towards the end of the week.  Someone who recognises your abilities will push for you to be given control of a project. Someone with a health issue may require your support or a listening ear.

There is a need to take extra care and safety in your daily life as you could be slightly accident prone, just take your time and think things through.  Socially you are the bell of the ball, with your popularity reaching an all time high, you take centre stage naturally and comfortably.  You may have to hold another accountable for what they do particularly if they can’t see the wood for the trees and are denying or not facing certain issues.

Perhaps a close colleague or partner is focused on making changes on the domestic and property front.  You may be a little hesitant on the repercussions of this move, nailing things down may be a top priority for you.   So much of what is happening now will be similar to before; the main difference is you know so much more now.  It is being given the opportunity to relive the past except you know exactly the right thing to do and say.

Your excellent ability to interact with others now sets you apart from the crowd.  Some may get rather jealous of the attention being directed at you, but that is really not for you to worry about.   It is likely that you will have a calming effect on those around you and one thing will lead to another with events gliding you into a future you may not have expected to happen that quickly. 

You could feel a bit out of your depth this week as a new area that you are moving into will take some time for you to find your feet.  Others may be pressing you to join their team or at least engage with their plans and you will have to figure out if you are ready for yet more challenges.  Pay close attention to the details and be the best at whatever you set out to do. Your mind is razor sharp and that makes it easier to find answers and solutions to difficult problems.

You are well able at the moment to weather any stormy conditions you might encounter in your daily life, however, eventually you will have to face the realistic possibility that fame and fortune are knocking at your door.  Your sign is in nearly perfect harmony with the natural world and features the power of the unexpected events.  This is when the universe finds ways to ‘pay you back’ for past selfless service to others.  

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