Wednesday, 4 September 2013


There is a boost in your energy as well as your confidence this week, a change that will help you feel lighter, a change that is heating up and fueling your instincts with passion and zest.  You may have been waiting for something that you wanted to take faster but that is all set to change and a breakthrough is coming.  Your instincts are right on track, listen to them and you won’t go wrong.
This is rather a whirlwind of a week for you when you whole life can change in the blink of an eye, the problem is you do not handle change that well even if it is for your greater good.  While you are catching up with reality you may feel your knees buckle a bit and your stomach weaken.  Some compromise may be needed within a relationship that means a lot to you, so take the time out for this to happen.

Your creative mind is enhanced this week inviting you to dream new dreams for the future as the ideas you come up with have a good chance of coming true.  There are hints of monetary prosperity on the horizon so keep a positive frame of mind. 
The emphasis for you is going to be determined by your relationships and interactions with others.  Speak your mind in a clear and precise way and you will be heard loud and clear.

Electricity is in the air but you have the ability to weather any storm that is coming your way.  Matters actually are currently out of your hands, all you can do is your best and then you need to let things be as one thing will eventually lead to another.  Pay close attention to all the facts, figures or instructions.  Social connections prove to be profitable so make sure your networking hat is on at the weekend.

You have turned a corner and your instinct is sharper than it has been in years.  A certain emotional chapter has finished and it is a chance for a new beginning, initially things may seem a little bumpy but you now have an inner sense that something positive is about to take place.  Make sure that you pace yourself and put in the effort, time and energy necessary until you get there.

When you are being hard on yourself it leads to a procrastination to do what needs to be done.   You love progress and productivity it creates a feeling of control for you in an unpredictable world.  So instead of getting into why something can’t or isn’t happening, just get on with what you can do and eventually things will fall into place.  By the next week your perception shifts allowing you to understand and see yourself in a different light.

No matter how much you may want something to happen, if it is not meant to be, no amount of force will make it so. However, you do have an opportunity to secure something better for yourself for the long haul but in order to do this; it will require a few steps to be well thought out.  In fact you will need to trust and believe in yourself and the process of life.  Just remain calm, centred and focused, the rest will unfold.

Hard proof that someone is doing things for the right reasons and the same reasons you are is so important to you right now.  Very shortly you will be turning a liberating corner and whatever fears or concerns are haunting you will soon be a distant memory.  You are well able to spot all kinds of bargains too so this a great time to make that purchase you have been dwelling upon for a while.

Freedom has felt like a rare luxury lately as countless things have taken up your time and attention, however, a little extra space is on its way, igniting your tendency to seek out a situation you thought had been a lost cause.  Your intuition is at its very best so use that trusted radar when you need to read another’s true intentions.  This week your intuition will lead you to fertile lands.

The brighter you shine, the bigger the shadow and you are shining right now.  Certain people may step in and events may occur that attempt to undermine you and cause you to question.  It is therefore important to stay rooted to your truth.  Somehow, someway everything will even out in your life, balance will eventually be restored as you seem to have what everybody wants and needs in their lives.

Any kind of social activity is highlighted, the right people have a way of showing up and you will be feeling right at home with the attention that is flocking your way.  It all brings out the best of your people skills, as you rise above any disharmony that is floating around you, able to see things for what they really are.  One relationship may have reached the limits of where it can go in its current state; you could be mulling over the next phase this week.

You are beginning to see others as well as your life more clearly now which will in itself give you more energy and drive, especially since you know better with what and who you are dealing with. There may also be someone that is entering your life whom you will feel able to trust instantly, and now you will know what to do with, who and why. A lifestyle change could be around the corner, be willing to a chance if one lands in your lap this week.

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