Thursday, 17 October 2013


This is a week to break free from restrictions that have been holding you back, you are likely to find common ground with someone who can help you deal with the things in your life you have outgrown.  A more fulfilling era is around the corner so pay attention to the signs and signals that are around you.  Travel is a possibility or you may consider making a journey to see someone special.

It could feel as if you are being tested to be strong and not give in to temptation this week.  It is all about having the courage of your convictions to rise above any noise that could side track you.  There are some major changes on the horizon and you need to pull together with those that you trust.  Love and romance are highlighted and this can be a wonderful and affectionate time.

Your energy levels could be low right now so try to get extra rest when you can, your body needs time to catch itself up.  There could be important changes with the company you keep, new friends and acquaintances who are more on your wavelength are flocking towards you bringing opportunities and possibilities that you had not thought of.  Networking is useful and in the social arena you will shine, as long as you get your rest!

Others could be feeling even more restricted lately whereas for you the barriers that have been holding you back are being removed at an accelerated pace.  Some are relying on you to be of support and emotional consistency on your part will help.  Career options could occur so it is important that you do not put too many limitations out there, if you are prepared to change your plans at a moment’s notice you could benefit greatly.

Some plan or scheme that another has been playing is likely to backfire on them, perhaps they have become too clever for their own good?  To you the game is transparent and what you must not do is set your sights too low.  This is the beginning of a more open and adventurous chapter in your life, so take full advantage.  Take care of business and get things done so that long term plans can manifest.

Slow down this week and take your time, it is best not to force things to happen as you could make some mistakes.  Pay close attention to the details and tasks in a prioritised manner.  Someone close to you is probably prepared to meet you halfway, so let go of any preconceived ideas and keep an open mind.  Do not get too serious, enjoy life day by day and by the weekend you will be having some well needed fun.

Flexibility is the key this week, you can bring about a breakthrough if you let go of attitudes you have outgrown and open up to the changes that are occurring.  Avoid planning too far ahead or of trying to take control of a plan remain adaptable as to the outcome.  Financially things happening now and being put in place will have a long term effect upon your life.  Family will either visit or you will make arrangements for this to happen.

You are emanating serenity and calmness with an air of confidence and ability and that makes for a formidable energy.  The contacts you make now can help you advance with a new project or endeavour, so do not be surprised if invitations come your way and be open to what is on offer.  This is time to make sure that your relationships are solid and secure so clear up any disagreements.

Choices and actions that you take are important right now and whatever happens the ultimate outcome has not yet been determined.  It can feel easy to get what you want but there is a reminder that having something can be a different ball game from the mere thought of it.  Some things may not be in your control but with creativity and flair you will be able to lead others.  Financially this is a good time to make important purchases.

Your originality is being noticed so expect to be popular and attractive to others.  Sudden opportunities could come your way just make sure you do not follow the crowd but remain unique.  Others can sense that there are radical changes taking place within you that could lead to something quite successful.  Make sure you swim with the tide and do not feel as though you have to make decisions on the spot if you need more time.

There is a great need for love, romance and affection and you will work hard to make sure that your current relationship is on an equal basis, especially if there have been dependency issues in the past.  A situation that has preoccupied you, although you may feel you understand it, events this week will allow you to see it in a different light.  Remain true to your hopes and dreams and your instincts will lead the way.

You cannot judge things by what appears to be happening now, what you can do is be more expressive about your true thoughts, feelings and desires for the future, this is important as Mercury is going retrograde and some things can easily become misunderstood.  Relationships could also undergo some unexpected changes, so do not try to plan too far ahead, remain in the moment and roll with whatever may happen.

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