Monday, 7 October 2013


You seem to be in the right place at the right time without making any effort and this influence is set to continue.   Having said that, as things are so easy for you right now, make sure you pay attention to the details and get everything in writing.  There are flames beneath your feet at the moment and all this excitement is heating up your passion index, so be ready for some steamy nights. 

While there could be some extremely positive job developments taking place right now, if you know a situation is hanging on by a thread, then it could be time to put a sensible strategy in place.  Nurture something that is just beginning to bud, if you give it some special attention now, it may turn out to be a beautiful bloom in a few weeks.  When it comes to a relationship turn on the speed and make sure you do not break promises.

There is a new situation that you could have found yourself drawn into which promises a new beginning and so much for 2014. There are solutions, opportunities and advantages in the making and although you may have questions on issues of control, it is important to keep an open mind.  Work on completing all outstanding documents, papers and legal issues tying up all loose ends this week. 

If you are grappling with a complex problem or experiencing a struggle then take comfort in the knowledge that you will come through this, as you have made certain key changes in your life.  There is a need to experience the lightness of liberation so use this time to de-clutter and let some things go.  Remain proactive as there are some incredible results that are achievable if you put the required effort in now. 

There may be a secret that you have been asked to keep or perhaps you are involved in a confidential project, you could find that you are asked to become more involved in this situation.  There are solutions and opportunities arising that will enable you to move forward again.  Make time to put into place any paperwork involving property and if any negotiations need to be had then there is no time like the present.

Feelings and talents you thought would never see the light of day are rising up within you for expression as this is an extremely fertile and creative period for you.   When it comes to love this week you could experience not only the depths but also the heights, if you feel you need to make a decision then analyse the pros and cons and run them by your heart.  A new chapter is beginning and pulling together as a team will help you to achieve great things.

Your social status and success is set to soar and professional opportunities abound, this all becomes easier to achieve due to the removal of an obstacle or a problem that has found a solution.  If another just wants to shake hands on a deal then get it in writing before they change their mind.  Paperwork could appear to be in motion but could actually be setting you up for changes later on. 

You may not feel your usual self or certain situations could seem puzzling and unsettling. It is probably impossible to fathom why someone is behaving in a particular way or why an endeavour is not functioning as it should.   Only if you are presented with facts should you make your move, let the dust settle in order for the full picture to be seen. Pay attention to your image perhaps treat yourself to some pampering.

Positive thinking is something that comes easily to you but right now this is not going to be enough, you need to also take positive action.  By doing this you will realise what has served its purpose and is now superfluous to your needs and what is valuable.  A business venture could be in the pipeline and a collaboration of ideas will prove useful in bringing it into fruition.  This could have started a few months ago and only now do you feel able to follow through.

Something that occurred in early July reaches a happy conclusion this week; this was to do with a partner and a possible conflict that occurred.  Perhaps you were not ready to move forward three months ago or maybe you hoped a situation would change, but if nothing has shifted now it would be the time to make your move. More hot air is likely as it is being sorted out but then the dust settles. 

For a while now you have known that there are solutions and opportunities to change your daily workload. Perhaps you have been pulled into something that turned out to be so much bigger and more interesting than it seemed at the time; however, this has left you with little time to attend to daily chores.  You can also see that this situation could get even bigger, therefore, the focus now is to fine tune your daily life so that everything runs smoothly, even if that means creating lists so you don’t forget things.

This is the moment when you need to put your interests first, perhaps you are being dangled on a string or unable to get a matter resolved that is causing you frustration, plan A isn’t working so it is time to put plan B into action which could mean getting a little tough.  Relationships could bring more involvement with younger people which you will enjoy.    Promise yourself you will read the fine print on any terms and conditions that you sign.

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