Monday, 7 October 2013


Even though it will seem easier to take the path of least resistance, it is vital that you stand tall and remain cool, calm and collected.  Everything has a way of working out in your favour with a possible increase in social status.  You will be highly motivated to get things moving and finish projects that have been lingering about.  Romance and passion head your way and this could be quite a sensual week for you.

Life changing circumstances are around this week that can make the impossible seem likely.  Something may have taken a while to get started and once it takes hold then everything starts to happen at once.  It is important to remain patient and do not try to do everything on your own, relationships are crucial, do not give up or turn away but be prepared to go the distance.  Only take risks and chances when it feels right as new opportunities will lead you to higher positions of trust.

The old ways are falling away and many of the structures that you leaned on in the past are tumbling down.  This is to make way for the path ahead; it has to be clear so that you are able to embrace a new turning point in your life.  Having said that there is still much day to day work that needs doing, it is not necessarily about speed but more about precision.  Others could be looking at you to be a role model or take the lead in some way.

It is all about rising above any negativity that comes your way this week.  Your powers of concentration are extremely high and it will be easy to be totally focused on one area, however, this leaves you unaware of what is going on around you.  Aim to strike a balance.  There are rewards that will become available to you that will help secure your long term happiness.  You just have to take the high road – no matter what.

Make sure you have a long term strategy in place where you can remain upfront and honest with those you care about.  There could be some around you that are not happy with your decisions but once they realise it is for the greater good then they will come round.  When you are functioning at your best you can become such a unifying force that you allow others to grow and succeed – others will thrive when you become that which you are so good at.
If you put your skills and talents to work in ways that can really benefit and improve your life it will automatically improve the lives of others also. Do not be distracted but use this time to lay the ground-work for future plans and success.  Listen extremely closely to what others are saying and to pay close attention to the details this will help when having to make difficult choices between two equally appealing options.

Major renovations could be discussed and plans might be made to get on with a project that you have pushed to one side.  The things in your life that have grown stagnant will soon be swept away as you push to renew in those areas.  The financial area of your life is in the forefront of your mind and because you are so in tune then it is a good time to make some well planned purchases. 

Feelings of emotional intensity are high and you could struggle to maintain the balance between solid logic, reasoning and heartfelt emotion.  Your head could be telling you one thing and your heart another.  Do not allow negative feelings and emotions pull you down or others to try to rush or hurry you into making a decision.  Chances and opportunities could appear so you need to be prepared to embrace change if you like what you see.

You know what you need and part of that need is having others around you that are solid and trustworthy and are not going to go back on their words, promises and actions.  Dreams are supposed to come true and this is one of those times when you are very close to this happening.  Keep busy and pay attention to details, even if you have to juggle for a while.  Trust your gut instincts and use your powers of observation to keep on top of the game.

Remain open minded and as adaptable as you are able this week as things can suddenly change without warning.  Others may show that they are envious of your progress but you must not pay any attention and let it distract you.  You will probably find that situations occur that allow you to break free from any ruts or routines that you have found yourself in.  Be alert and keep mentally sharp and you will be well able to capitalise on these moments.

This is a point in time when others may need your help whether it is a listening ear, words of wisdom or practical help they will recognise your ability to be of comfort.  You are the one that always seems to come up with the right answer to problems at hand and for that reason it is good to remain positive.  An important communication will arrive shortly with the possibility of future travel.

Your powers of awareness and observation are super charged right now and it could feel that time has slowed down in order that you can fine tune your actions.  There are results that are waiting in the wings that will not instantly appear but offer wealth and prosperity, later in the week you may see some sort of progress on this level.  Your mind could be extremely active and you could be searching for solutions.

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