Friday, 22 November 2013


There is a feeling within this week that you have reached a turning point in your life and there is no going back.  There could be an opportunity for some travel coming your way and this will give you a chance to spread your wings and broaden your knowledge.  Emotionally this is an intense time and relationships need to be given the attention to bring things into balance. 

Use this time to relax and think things through as the things you pick up on now could save you some hassle in the future.  There could be domestic changes afoot when the quantity of people visiting your home increases.  Pay close attention to the details and refuse to sign agreements until you have all the facts in writing, this is when your observation powers do you credit.

Your words could well have more impact than you realize, this coupled you’re your social charm and skills; then romantically you have the ability to create long term partnerships.  If home projects need to be tackled then make sure you attend to them quickly as your daily life is set to get very busy.  Shortly you may have to be very adaptable and change direction at a moment’s notice.

Family will need you to be around now and your focus is likely to be on domestic and issues surrounding the home.   Listen closely to your instincts they will serve you well this week.  Even though you could be trying to keep a low profile, intrusions seem to interfere making this impossible, all you can do is priortise and deal with the essentials it seems.   
There is a lot of support behind you and even if you are facing a few rough moments others are more than willing to be there for you. You could find yourself yearning for elements of the past when life was simpler.  Perhaps there is some sadness for what has been lost.  Keep light and lively and this will increase your desire for fun and romance.

All you have to do is subtlety shift your thinking, even if all does not seem perfect, the conditions are moving into place that will open up all kinds of new experiences. New insights and ideas are triggered by those that you meet and even if within a relationship you do not seem to see eye to eye at the moment this will soon change when they realize how important your plans are.
Live in the moment Libra, focus on dealing with the now, doing what you can when you can and not focusing on what you can’t achieve and dwelling on that.  Friends from abroad you haven’t seen or heard from in such a long time, may get in touch this week.  The weekend is a good time for any financial activities whether it be buying or selling.

Love and romance is blooming and others may let you know just how they feel about you.  Financial opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere and there could be changes to your workplace, perhaps there are new responsibilities heading your way.  This is a good time to protect your assets and make sure you have security in place for the things that mean a lot to you.

There is mystery in the air and with your ruling planet in retrograde you will feel a deeper connection to the unseen now.  Order and timing just seem to work for you this week, all the right people seem to turn up at the right time.  Remain flexible to changing situations and even if you experience a few knocks by those a bit jealous of your success remain positive and optimistic.

Perhaps your intuition is telling you that not everyone is being upfront and honest with you and this will encourage you to dig a bit deeper to uncover the reality.  There are significant rewards coming your way and there is an air of excitement that surrounds you.  By the weekend expect lots of social invites and activities.

Energy levels are finally increasing and there is a feeling of enthusiasm growing inside of you again, the last few weeks have been a bit stressful but your renewed efforts to sort everything out have paid off.  Keep your feet on the ground and you will continue to make steady progress.  You may find that you are lifted into the public eye for some reason.

This week is all about remaining cool, calm and collected and allowing things to happen as naturally as possible.  Home and family matters may be causing you a bit of concern but there will be a myriad of options to choose from to enable things to be sorted out.  The direction that you wish your life to take may be narrowing down so that it is easier to focus on your goals and objectives.

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