Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Even though you are just about as busy as you can be, this could also be a good time to think look at ways to improve your finances and your health.  There are a lot of temptations around enabling you to indulge at your whim especially as the Christmas festivities are beginning to start.  A relationship could do with some nurturing - set time aside to give some attention to the one you love.


Anything that is hidden this week has a way of finding itself exposed so be careful not to put anything you care about or value at risk – keep the high ground and let others know how much you appreciate them.  You can get a lot done at the moment particularly if you push hard for what you want.  A lifestyle change is on the cards and if you put your heart and soul into something then you are likely to succeed.


The timing just never seems to be right and maybe that is because it isn’t yet, however, you will need to be able to take instant action when everything aligns.  Put in the extra hours and tie up all loose ends before the month end. Lately, you are putting out an energy that allows others to feel safe and willing to be honest with you, making it a perfect time for intimate gatherings.


This is not the time to be inflexible or stubborn although you will be severely tempted to dig your heels in.  Keep an open mind and pay attention to the details, be prepared with facts, figures and proof as others will hold you accountable later on.  Time is on your side and now isn’t the time to make a move so refuse to be rushed before you are ready. 

Let your actions speak volumes and do all the talking for you this week as you are becoming a force for positive change right now.  You really can make a difference - just make sure you take care of personal matters as well as this will ease up on your own stress levels.  Others may need your help and assistance too trust your gut instincts and you will know what to do.
Spending time with those that you find inspirational will be of strong benefit to you helping you to find ways to reach your goals.  Getting involved and contributing to the local community can be fun and satisfying whilst improving your network.  Early next week the focus moves more towards home and family with chores to be tackled and preparations to get under way.
Distractions are your greatest enemy at the moment, focus on doing one thing at a time, perhaps make a priority list for each day and work your way through it.  There is maybe a dream that you are working on the kind that could completely transform your life and living conditions, be patient and continue to set up the long term conditions for it to happen. 
This past year has been a roller coaster ride for you in many ways, showing you both extreme emotional highs and lows.  Everything is changing and all that is a long time overdue will slowly be falling into your lap.  Rewards and success will eventually find you and you will realize that there is a lot more strength and power to your talents and abilities. 
Be wary when mixing business with pleasure this week - it is important to maintain your balance in the things you are doing.  It could be difficult to remain objective so just have patience and resist trying to make everything happen right now.  You will stand out in the crowd and be noticed by others with your charm and charisma causing some to want to get close and personal with you.
Put yourself first Capricorn and do and enjoy the things you want to for a change.  New insights and understandings are pouring into your life and although it is too soon to come to conclusions take the time to reflect and ponder on it all.  This is a moment when things automatically seem to go your way without you having to exert much control - they happen the way you want.

There could be external pressure perhaps someone is getting you to agree to something that you really don’t approve of and you could feel that you are being manipulated in some way, be firm and stand your ground.  Make sure that you are on top of all legal issues and this will take the pressure off.  Your intuition is sky high so learn to trust your inner knowing.
Remain consistent in all that you do that is the key this week.  You will just want to mind your own business and get on with tasks, chores and obligations but there are other things going on that may not let you have a quiet time.  You could find yourself lifted up to a higher level of recognition or wealth by those that have not noticed you in the past and are now knocked out by your current magnetic energy.


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