Friday, 1 November 2013


It is a moment when you are required to be patient, although that is not your strongest quality, you will have to dig deep this week.  You really want things to move quicker but if you push too hard too fast sometimes it can backfire on you.  Use your skill and precision to outsmart and impress others.  Financial opportunities are likely by the weekend. 

You are in the midst of a huge turning point in your life and it all hangs on your partnerships and ability to communicate with others.  More than ever you are required to walk tall and take the high moral ground as well as allowing others to shine just as brightly as you.  Challenges are likely during the week and you may have to act as nurse to someone close but the weekend promises a celebration. 

There could be a tendency right now particularly with Mercury your ruling planet being in retrograde motion to make things more complicated than they are.  If you tell your brain to be quiet you will be surprised as how much easier things are to deal with, the key this week is unpredictability – nothing seems to happen as you ‘think’ it will.  Keep it simple.

Change is about to happen and when it does all eyes will be looking at you, everybody wants to know what you plan to do next and how you are going to do it.  The thing is they will expect you to know and actually you probably do, others can talk the talk but it is you who must walk the walk.  Future travel and new acquaintances entering your life are likely.

If you can be honest with yourself then you are on the right foot.  Over enthusiasm may have caught you in a tizzy lately and you may experience some delays due to a mistake that could have occurred.  The good news is the result will allow you to be more adaptable and flexible in your choices and options, keep down to earth and you will reach the heights.

Focus on the facts this week and double check everything as you are prone to jump to conclusions, sometimes it is better to listen first and speak later.  Pay closer attention to what is going on around you and then misunderstandings regarding another’s motivations are less likely to occur.  There are unexpected rewards coming your way – perhaps an item you have longed to have for a while.

This is not the time to allow the disappointments of the past to slow you down or cause you to turn away, remain open to new ideas and suggestions.  A chain of events could occur and you will find yourself very busy, in fact a lot happens at once.  Trust your instincts and listen to yourself, take action and get things done so the decks are clear.  Be prepared.

Take time out for a bit of rest and relaxation, the world is not going to fall apart if you take it easy for a few hours and you owe it to yourself to give yourself some pamper time.  Pay attention if you are signing any agreements or instructions make sure you read the small print.  Next week things will start falling into place and you will see a bigger picture starting to emerge.

There are some tough personal choices you could have to make shortly about the direction your life is going in.  As soon as you do others will rally behind you and support you in your venture.  New partnerships are a possibility as are romantic liaisons too.  Things have a way of working out in your favour and you have a little bit of lady luck shining down on you too.

Your entire life circumstances can change in the blink of an eye, so make sure you are in the game in the first place, the kind of pattern occurring now is likely to remind you that hard work does pay off and rewards do happen.  This can be an emotional time and you could find that you let your frustrations loose on an innocent bystander. 

You can at the moment obtain just about anything you set your mind too as your powers of observation and calculation are incredibly on the ball.  Verify all facts and figures and take nothing at face value, as there could be more going on behind the scenes than you are aware.  Delays could occur with transport so make sure you give yourself enough time to get places.

If there is something being hidden it will soon be revealed, this will be a time to take some things with a pinch of salt and all isn’t what it appears.  Temptations will be all around you inviting you to be led astray, however, keep focused and rewards, abundance and joy are on their way – even if it isn’t apparent yet.  Solutions to a domestic issue are likely to work itself out on its own by 2nd November, so try not to worry too much.

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