Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Any project that you are working on is likely to have a great impact, time is on your side and it is your inner passions and determination that will impress others.  This is a great time to meet someone if you are single as you are well able to communicate clearly and effectively this week, conveying your plans to another.  If you are in a steady relationship then speak directly from your heart and get the foundations nice and firm.

There is favourable news on the way; information will be received that you need in order to help your efforts to enable you to put your talents and abilities to good use.  Life is about to speed up but do not let it overwhelm you; take one day at a time.  Expect that not all is going to go as you foresee it and remain adaptable and open to new ideas as they appear.

On the mental level it appears that you are gearing up for a change of pace and to work on something very different.  A new level of clarity reaches you and allows you to understand that the choices you now decide on could completely change your current path.  This can be a ‘make or break moment’ and it could be wise to keep some personal thoughts to yourself as all will have a way of working out in your favour anyway.

Now you know what you really don’t want and are taking action to make sure that you do not stray down a path that is not for you, it is amazing how quickly things start to fall into place.  So slow down and take your time to ask more questions until you get the answers that you know inside are correct.  The only proof that works for you now is reality, not words.

A process has started and is likely to have repercussions so it is important for you to make sure that your bottom lines and boundaries are in place, especially when it comes to those that have messed with you in the past.  Responsibilities are likely to increase and relationships could be temporarily strained, this is all designed to reveal problems or issues that need to be fixed or corrected.

The right people just happen to be there at the right time, this is one of those weeks when you are in tune with the universe and things tend to flow without much effort on your part.  The people you are in contact with lately are likely to play a much larger role in your future than you initially think.  Roll with what is happening and let your creativity flow.  

Now is not the time to launch new things, you need to hold on a couple more weeks, others are likely to be very open to your ideas and suggestions though and you can use your influence to build upon what you have started.  Give a project you’re all and see something through to completion, don’t give up or do it half heartedly, this is the moment for you to excel.

Your popularity and powers of attraction have soared through the roof this week and this will help things to go your way.  Feelings are likely to be quite powerful and you will need an outlet to express all this energy - either focus them and enhance your romantic arena or crack on with a creative ambition.  A surprising development of some kind could occur before the weekend and you may have several options to consider.

Your ruling planet has gone retrograde and it is important for you to make sure that you are very clear and precise in your words and actions - say what you mean.  If you have recently confronted a fear then it may now be time to have a rest and recharge your batteries, indulge in some down time and take time to reflect on all that has happened, it will do you good.

If anyone underestimated you and your abilities then they are going to get a surprise this week.  New doors fly open and new acquaintances enter.  There are things to complete and you will need an action plan to stay on track.  Someone close could lean on you, assuming that you can make something right again, in a matter of seconds.  If you pull this off you will certainly secure some admiration.

You have no idea how intimidating others can find you – the power and influence of your truthful directness can throw others off balance in an instant.  It may be that someone close to you is under par and it could be beneficial for you to soften your words of wisdom and deliver your speech with more subtlety this week.   Relax down and opportunities will reveal themselves.

Blessed this week with an ultra awareness that allows you to see way beyond what is happening on the surface, this allows you the courage to confront others on their true reasons and motivations.  You could hear from those who live far away or from relatives and friends who are thinking about creating a home base in a new area.  By next week a development occurs that could bring significant reward.


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