Tuesday, 10 December 2013


There will be a solution, there always is eventually.  Doubts and fears could be rising to cloud the situation do not allow yourself to be dragged down by this discomfort, instead focus on the areas that still need some work and attention from you.  Once you do this a solution will spring up from the depths.  By the weekend insights and flashes of brilliance occur making you feel far more positive.


What you need right now are open and honest exchanges of communication, you are definitely not interested in a relationship where there is no depth of feeling attached to it.  Stability and trust are vital elements right now.  Finances could involve some hard decision making but approach these matters with extreme caution as there is an indication of a possible deception here.


There is a polarity going on here, on the one hand you know quite clearly the path that is best for you and will feel anchored to that point, but on the other hand you could be tempted by something elusive that is working on distracting your attention.  Double check your communications and do not assume you know another’s motive.  If you have been under the weather then this week your energy levels will begin to climb.


If you do not feel sure as to what path you need to walk down then relax Cancer, the big picture will eventually become clear and you will have a solid sense of where to go next.  A lot can happen in 24 hours for instance and nothing at all can happen in 48, time is a strange thing.  This is not only an active period for you but also a reflective one, so put things on the back burner for a while and in a flash they will be answered.


This week is all about being true to you and living that truth in the world.  You could find that you are tested at every turn to make sure that you make the very best out of all that is real.  You cannot change what is behind you but you do have the ability to influence the direction your life now takes. This stark clarity brings with it many gifts – fueling a stronger sense of purpose.


Friends and professional contacts aid you and provide you with the support and guidance that you require.  This will make you feel secure especially when wandering around within new territories.  You could be prone to emotional outbursts of honesty; however, you will feel so much lighter for getting things off your chest.  By early next week you will be able to talk to a loved one and create a sense of joint cooperation.


Feelings of financial security are on their way due to events that bring inspirational news.  Make sure that all communications with others are clear and to the point as this will annihilate any misunderstandings.  There are still some big decisions to be made on the timing of things and because you are well aware of what you want to achieve you will be able to observe the appropriate moment for this to happen.


There is a final realisation that all your efforts have not been in vain.  You have reached a key junction that shows you some sort of validation or encouragement that promotes you to take another step forward.  Watch your tendency to take risks at the weekend as you could be tempted to gamble on items that could drain your purse.  Legal issues that are pending can be successfully resolved this week.


You could feel as though you are carrying a weight around with you this week, however, it is there to encourage you to keep your feet on the ground.  This energy is perfect if directed towards setting up a secure foundation for you and your loved ones.  Use this time to be with family and friends and you will find a lot of strength in your roots.  This will serve as a reminder of all that has meaning and value to you.


Keep it simple.  Plans can go array and complex arrangements are likely to fall flat.  If it looks too complicated then there are more errors that can occur, however, if it is simple then the chances are it will work out.  Lean on your strengths this week and one of them is sustaining something that others walk away from.  Through your delicate understanding of the importance of time you are able to take things step by step to reach success.


If others are there to assist you then ask for their advice, it will lessen the burden and they could come up with some ideas to solve a situation that does not appear to have a resolution in sight.  If only we all had foresight then many problems could be avoided.  Keep your emotional boundaries in place when dealing with persons of the past as well as your financial integrity; it will serve you well to keep on the straight and narrow path.


A creative project you have been working on is near completion and you will be putting the finishing touches on it.  This in itself will show a strong message as to what you believe to be right.  Others will not be on the same page as you but this time you will feel compelled to make your point and be really clear on your opinion.  Trust your gut instincts when it comes to your vocation and the direction that is calling you.


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