Sunday, 22 December 2013


Watch that tongue, for you are slightly fiery and a little bit sensitive.  There could be unsettling emotions that you have held within for a while that are bubbling away.  If this situation is causing you so much stress then you need to deal with the cause and sort things out even if you feel a bit vulnerable.  Get beyond petty differences and let others know what your expectations or bottom lines are.  Trust your instincts and you will sail into Christmas week a lot clearer.
Be fully present in the now and immerse yourself in the events that are taking place – this is the advice for these two weeks.  You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy doing things that you do not usually do and how much your relationships improve.  Watch your health, do not over indulge and make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercise and healthy food, keep things simple. 

Family dynamics that are unresolved could rock your boat a little; so stay alert and keep an open mind, an honest dialogue going and be ready to make changes if necessary, be adaptable.  On the other hand this festive period also offers an adventure of experience, a chance to deepen bonds.  New opportunities can appear from nowhere, along with a promotion and unexpected but uplifting events.

It can feel slightly frustrating as all the things you want and need are so close by and yet they seem so far away at the same time.  Patience is the key here.  Reconnecting with others and meeting them where they are at is a talent that will benefit you over this period.  Ask for support and help if you need it as there are many that would be willing to lighten your load.  The end of 2013 is for you to work on what you want more of and less of what you don’t.

It is all about to come rushing out as you feel so strongly about something you will certainly not be holding back.  The power of your words has enough honesty and force behind them to instigate the changes you so long for.   Conversations may have an air of unpredictability about them and certainly not what you will be expecting.  Keep flexible when it comes to travel plans as you may have to reprioritise at the last minute. 

Out with the old and in the with new is your Christmas motto that will run into the New Year nicely.  If anything in your life feels stagnant or outmoded, it is destined to morph and change.  There may be an element of risk involved but with a practical and calculated edge to it.  This is a passionate time for your personal relationships and those that you love and care about, you will support and stand behind, your actions will speak loud and clear as through this you demonstrate your love.

It is all about balance and yet when is it not for you Libra?  Relationships are under scrutiny and it is up to you to make sure that one of you is not carrying the majority of the load; or taking the other for granted, any unspoken issues need to be brought to the table.  Perhaps it is you that needs to take charge of the change?  Your powers of attraction are higher than usual and you could be entering Christmas week having a passionate time. 

If there appears to be an insurmountable obstacle in your way, then trust me, it is only appearing large, it is in fact miniscule.  The challenges are not as hard as you may think they are once you start to tackle them and at the same time you will discover talents and abilities you did not know you had.  Romance is strong for you over this period and you will be looking forward to sharing a relaxing time with a loved one. 

Responsibilities and duty could be calling perhaps it is time to be proactive in this area.  The key for you is to not take yourself or these responsibilities too seriously and remember to have fun whilst adhering to the things that need to be done.  Your creativity is super charged your dreams are probably vivid; this can be an inspirational period for you.  Keep the home fires burning as you roll from duty to desire with ease.

After a relationship upheaval there is going to be a time of stability and this feeling of support may make you quite tearful.  It is as if everything you have been emotionally suppressing lately finally shows itself now the pressure is off.  Relationships deepen and improve dramatically and you will feel instinctively inside the route to take.  Home and family play a great part in your life right now.

Do not accept the popular consensus of what is happening, or the first excuse another makes, if it sits uneasy with you.  Seek to find the truth and then to plan for the future particularly within the financial and material areas.  A career prospect is looking good, so don’t let that voice of doubt drag you down, or stop your vision.  Trust in the fact that not only will you land on your feet you will do so running.

There are some things that are becoming so clear as your eyes are now wide open.  This is a good space for you to be in and you know that it is safe to trust not only in your gut but in the truth of your heart.  People can be unpredictable doing and saying things you would never dare.  Even though you are a great planner and take things one step at a time, there is a strong need to remain open and adaptable to all possibilities and situations.

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