Thursday, 5 December 2013


You could be feeling the weight of Saturn this week when your responsibilities seem to loom over you with a sense of urgency.  Take care of issues before they have time to ferment and you will feel the heaviness recede.  Listen to your instincts and pay particular attention to the clues or signs that are around you, help is there, all you have to do is be aware of it so that you can tap into it.

There is an urge in you to get out there and make the best of things for the future but this is the time to look after yourself, make sure you are getting enough rest and nourishing food, especially if you are feeling anxious over something as this can run you down.  There are opportunities around and if you dare to dream big, keep nourished, then you will be able to capitalise on them. 

Family may need your advice this week although the problem may be more complex to solve than it first appears and even though it may not be solvable straight away they will appreciate your support.  You are being challenged and could find yourself in situations that will require you to grow mentally and spiritually.  Even if nothing seems to make much sense right now, people are entering your life that will help to clarify certain confusions.

Write it all down, there is a flow of energy beaming down on you and this is likely to be pushing through your subconscious with a message for you to share with others.  The past has gone and even if you have strong emotional pulls and are finding it hard to let go - there is a greater service being required of you.  You are becoming visible so expect some attention and popularity increase.

It is all about ‘connecting’ with you this week, deciding who you want to be around you for the long term and who is trying to feed off your personal magnetism.  Developing those close intimate relationships so that they have a secure base for the future.  By the weekend you will be looking to have some fun and to put your worries aside.  Perhaps someone will be putting your needs first for a change.

If funds are limited do not dwell on what you do not have but instead focus and appreciate all that you do.  It is so easy to get caught up in trying to compete with others that you can miss you own riches.  There are a lot of tasks that need to be completed and how effective you are depends a lot on your own mood and how you feel – it is the seeds you are sowing now that will create your future. 

Genius ideas will be floating around in your head this week and you will feel in a positive and go getter mood.  This is a good thing as the pace of your life is set to quicken and you will need to keep your focus on completing chores and getting your mundane world in order so you can keep up with the current movement.  Check the small print before signing anything.

It is easy to get distracted right now and you may have an urge to take risks and not be really aware of all the consequences that could follow.  This is because Neptune the planet of dreams is strong with you now.  Make sure you double check all your facts and figures particularly if submitting written work. The positive side of this aspect is in the area of romance – so if you have things to say to a loved one then take the risk and put your heart on the line.
If you are feeling run down then take the time to get some well needed rest and you will soon be firing on all cylinders again.  This week you need to trust your insights and ideas, even if they are radical and way out, they have a hint of brilliance in them.  The key to benefitting from this energy is to keep your mood light and open, avoiding heavy and negative discussions that lead nowhere.

You are fed up with skirting around the topics when there is something that needs to be faced and dealt with right at the heart.  This means of course that you will have to take a risk with communication and be willing to open up and put your truth on the line.  Within this obstacle lies great potential for happiness whilst getting rid of some of your worries.  Stand tall, eventually, you will be appreciated for your courage to face adversity and sort things out.

If a project you are working on seems to hit a brick wall then have patience it will only be a short delay and will not impact upon the end result.  Take the space now to relax, wind down, use this time to your advantage and know that you have done all you can for the time being.  Being a team player is not following the crowd but supporting others in the pursuit of the same goal, this will become more apparent as the week unfolds.

Although, this is a good time to network with others in your field, finding that you are more often in touch with others that are of a like mind, it is at this very point that you discover these are the ones you are trying to avoid.  They basically mirror yourself too much making you feel uncomfortable.  However, nobody said development and growth was easy - there will be immense gains  and ability to be discovered through this process.



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