Thursday, 23 January 2014


Strangely, you may be feeling unusually serious at the moment, there is much that you wish to put into place and you will be using this week to make plans concrete.  The more you know the clearer you will soon be on how to direct your life this year.  Be very careful with your words and actions as this is not the point to make impulsive decisions but to pay attention to the details and consult with loved ones, especially on the home and career front. 

Right now it is all about getting your foundations operating as you want them.  As long as you are crystal clear on what you need whilst formulating a game plan to make sure you get it what you want.  There is one relationship in your life that you can count on where you feel a solid sense of security and this will also become an area you wish to strengthen. 

Your feelings could be sky high this week full of emotion and inner smoldering passions.  This can have the effect of you becoming impatient and trying to force things into happening too quickly.  Be patient for now but remain positive, it is just that the time is not quite right yet.  Financially it also requires you to exercise some tolerance, give it a week or so and things will work out your way.

Moderation is your key to good living and it will become critical that you become clear about what you need to put in place in order for you to maintain balance in your life.  You will be surprised at how others come forward to support your intentions.  Contracts could be up for negotiation and advancements in the world of work could be up for discussion.  There is an air of progression about you. 

This week is all about you; it is about creating habits that help you instead of hinder.  When you are looking after your needs properly and have a natural creative outlet then you are able to be extremely productive with your life.  It is not about depending on another to feel good; it is about finding what makes you come alive from within and sticking with it.

You have been slightly overwhelmed lately but the truth is you would not trust another to do the job as well as you can do it.  At least you know it will be done right or to your standards and the detail will not be forgotten.  By the weekend you can ease up a little on the workload and give time to affairs of the heart and as you do so a warm security starts to flood over you – very cosy.

Life does not seem under your control right now - it is as if someone else is holding the reigns and steering your destiny.  This influence is now encouraging you to start to think of your own needs, to rely upon yourself more, instead of putting the needs of others before yourself.  You will do so much for love but do not give so much that you lose yourself in it all.

Getting your goals moving and motivating yourself to write, teach or to go places you have always wanted to visit is highlighted now.  There is nothing in the way to stop you from achieving what you want – only you.  Make the most of every day and this can be a time of remarkable achievements and success.  You have finally been given a green light so that you can move forward with relative ease.

Financially there is a need perhaps to cut back and slow down on your outgoings.  Tightening your belt and sticking to it could be the theme that is playing on your mind.  By the weekend though there could be significant financial gains in the most unexpected ways.  You will find that talents and abilities rise up to show themselves from within and these will be put to even greater use this year.

Whatever you put your energy into right now the universe is likely to give back to you tenfold.  There are those around you that are looking out for you and there will be a sign that this is the case this week.  New beginnings are all around you so keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.  Keep your feet rooted to the ground and you will remain aware of all that is going on around you.

There could be something going on behind the scenes and perhaps there is someone who is working hard to help you, pulling strings on your behalf.  The bigger picture is your focal point and this will help you to remain steady and certain and on track.  The clouds of the past are beginning to clear and as they do a new brilliant, glorious horizon comes into focus. 

A change to support the direction that you wish to go in is likely and it will feel liberating to have made a decision.  Important life choices that will radically affect your life for the foreseeable future are on the table.  Each choice will lead you in a very different direction, but each choice is equally as good as the other, so it comes down to what you want the most.   

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