Thursday, 23 January 2014


An emotional exchange with someone who helps you get to the other side of a worry will materialise this week and you will come up with a clever solution that is far from a pipe dream but a realistic and desirable way forward. By the weekend, you will not only experience a new found trust in this current process, but you will feel yourself on the right track once again.  It is all about not letting your emotions stop you from keeping your head.  Nice and easy does it every time.

It is time for a change, only a small one is needed but you now need to adjust yourself to your environment.  Things are not as they were and by making adjustments, before you feel as though you are stretching yourself too thin, will save a lot of hassle later.  Defending your truth within a close relationship may be an issue as someone may doubt your word and integrity.  Perhaps a little reassurance is needed.

Money and resources are on your mind; you will be working hard this week to forge a plan to balance your books in order to give yourself the best chance, finding that through this focus you discover an ingenious way forward.  Personal temptations are all around you and if you can raise yourself above it all, including the many distractions, then this can prove to be a real turning point for you. 

There may have been something you have been putting up with for a good long time and you are ready to take back the reins and direct your life in ways that better support your essential needs. It has taken things to become out of balance for you to see that adjustment is needed.  This is a point where no compromises can be made if they impact your essential needs.  In fact you could be taken out of your usual comfort zone to enable you to see things from a different perspective.

Many of the vulnerable parts of you could feel exposed this week, however, understanding what makes you feel vulnerable and the reasons why can help to make you feel stronger.  By the weekend your heart will be given a lift and someone new will help you to remove a belief pattern that has become worn out and doesn’t serve you any longer.  You will find it very easy to express how you really feel about someone because of this.

It could be hard for you to find the right words this week and when you do think you are there the delivery is probably going to be tinged with emotion and will not come out exactly how you had planned.  Others in turn may also not be revealing their true feelings and motivations.  It can be a confusing time, therefore, give others the space and time they need to work it all out for themselves and you will discover that they care more than you think.

Are we a bit edgy this week Libra?  Impatience, restlessness with a desire to get things moving is driving you.  It is likely that you will find yourself taking centre stage in a debate or key meeting.  You may need to convince another to get back on board with your ideas.  Soon you will realize that however frustrating this time feels the delays will in the end somehow work to your advantage.  Do not overlook the detail. 

Others will likely be looking to you for the answers, there could be a problem that mystifies those around, and you are their hope. These are creative weeks and as you have the ability to not only think outside of the box you also have the ability to hone right in on what the actual issue is.  Your powers of concentration are second to none right now.  However, be flexible and open to new ideas and directions.  

What a social time this is for you, it would be nearly impossible for others to encounter you and not remember who you are, your natural charisma is unforgettable.  Extra attention is coming your way and you will find it quite flattering and this makes it easy to give in to temptation.  Even if you are just playing be aware that others may take you seriously.  Your home life brings rewards too and any improvement you do in that area brings inner contentment.

This is a perfect time to get on top of things and make plans for the future.  Your powers of concentration and focus are intense and strong.  The pace of life at the moment is extremely fast with a lot happening, therefore, you may find it difficult to keep up and forget to relay messages on the communication side - information overload.  Friendships are vital for your success and a bit of delegation wouldn’t go amiss. 

Pay closer attention to your health this week as old emotional wounds could bring you a bit of discomfort until you deal with them or lay them to rest.  You are where you need to be and very shortly you are likely to meet a key person that will play a big role in your future.  Slow down and take your time then the emotional and mental conflicts will reside, get things done right even if you feel you are too slow.  There is not as much urgency as you think.

For the dream that you envisioned to become possible you know that some key things in your life will have to change and not everyone will be able to join you. Generally there is a lot of stresses and strains around now so rest and relaxation is a must, keep a low profile and take care of tasks that need to be completed.  Keep problems in perspective so that you ensure you get the well needed rest you require.

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