Thursday, 20 February 2014


You are in the spotlight this week so expect to receive some sort of recognition coming your way particularly in your career arena.  A good thing to remember is that you probably didn’t get there on your own, no man is an island and through your interaction with others and their input – this has made you what you are today.  You may hear from old friends or past partners and this can make you behave in a spontaneous and impulsive manner.

There could be a second chance for a position on the work front that you thought was long dead and gone as there is a productive influence that is asserting itself upon you.  This is a great window of opportunity to clear the air and clear your name knowing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You have a social grace this week for connecting with others, well able to relate to all levels.  Your challenge, however, is to rise above the temptation of taking sides.

There is a trail that you are following, a puzzle that needs unravelling and the signs that are coming your way are the goalposts to realising the truth of this mystery.   Remain open to the unconventional and the radical as this could open up areas that were previously tightly closed.  Believe in yourself and your abilities and get rid of the doubt that keeps trying to agitate you from the depths.  Your vast knowledge and experiences will bring you the freedom you have been seeking.

This week is all about deepening your connections with others and to make a clean and clear influence on your close connections.  Passion is starting to stir from within again and this will allow you to muster up the courage you need to confront issues that thrust up before you.  Major changes are in the wings and it is important to consider the long term effect of your current actions.  Seek out creative solutions now in preparation for the future.

Perhaps it is time to get off the garden fence and make a key decision, sitting in that position is ok for a while until you know truly what you want, but after a while you can become too comfortable and stagnation occurs - or you could lose the very thing you are worried about committing too.  It is time to turn a corner and have the courage to take charge, communication is the key, open up and by doing this your position may become clear.

You are on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment as your surge in popularity and position has sky rocketed.   Challenges are likely to occur but none that are unsolvable if you tackle them with a little thought and tact.   Your insight for seeing the truth in situations now is stark and even if others are having problems seeing the wood for the trees it is you that can sort it all out and make some sort of sense.  You are no longer the shrinking violet but the bell of the ball.

When your relationships work, life works and for you this is everything.  Just don’t rely too much on the promises of others right now as more can be happening than you are aware of and perhaps they have the right intentions but things are getting in the way of delivery.   Some parts of your old life will feel as though they just do not fit with you anymore and the only thing you can do is take the time to sift through what is working and what is dragging you down and then begin the process of de-cluttering.

This is a contemplative time to look inspiring at your future and the array of promising possibilities that lay before you.  Now, however, you are looking at it from a foundation that is so strong and firm that nothing can rock your boat.  You have put the hard work in and now it is time to breathe a sigh of relief.  Nothing is impossible anymore, although you will still have to exercise a bit of patience when going after what you want.

It is all about justice for you right now, you are seeing so many injustices happen around you that you are likely to be fired up and raring to stand up for the underdog.   Your words and your ability to deliver will be so spot on that they will direct themselves at the heart and make the necessary impact.  Connections will be repaired and the air will be cleared.  In one area you may not have all the answers yet, so take your time and slowly but surely you will get there.

The fruits of your labour are in full bloom and your earning power is likely to increase.  There may be many opportunities coming your way and you will have to consider the impact this will have on others.   You will aim to do the right things because you can.  Break things down and look at the cause and effect of each action or non action and then devise a plan (which you are great at doing) that focuses on the future.

You may feel let down or in some extreme cases betrayed by someone you thought you could trust but this time you have something new at your disposal – leverage, some information you discover will give you the upper hand and help turn things around to your advantage.  Be sure you know what effect your words and actions will have upon others before you take action, when you speak, your blade of truth, can cut deep to the point - someone close may need a softer delivery this week.

Something or someone could have been trying to put a twist to your plans, at first it could seem like a real annoyance but every cloud has a silver lining and it could turn out to be more opportunistic than you first realise.  You are in store for a good surprise, no longer are you allowed to float around in the background, your power and influence upon others will shift you into a new gear.  You are the voice of reason right now and others are waiting to hear your call.

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