Saturday, 8 February 2014


Relationships with colleagues prove challenging this week and the art of diplomacy and tact need to be deployed when dealing with superiors.  Your patience could be tested as you wish for everything to be done and sorted out straight away; however, you still have to wait a bit longer for the universe to catch up with you.  Benefits can be found in paying attention to the details, doing the groundwork and slowing down – it won’t be for long. 

A real and lasting opportunity for inner transformation is occurring at the moment.  You are being shown various things that can bring you clarity with a situation you have in the past found yourself stalling or procrastinating.  It is time to get rid of the things that have no value to you now and draw a line underneath it all.  Insights are coming thick and fast, a mystery is solved and the steep climb to the top of the mountain ensures a nicer vista once you get there. 

Compassionate moments bring an increased sensitivity and you start to see a side of others that you were unaware was there.  It could be hard to concentrate at times and your mind could go wandering off occasionally and to others it would appear that you were literally in your own world.  You could find that you are more reactive to the effects of alcohol and any medication right now.  Make sure you give yourself enough space and room to breathe this week. 

Females play an important role in your life this week and through an acquaintance you will reap the benefits in some way.    Relationships come to the fore and a close partnership will be tested, intense feelings will either turn to jealousy or to transformation, a hint of reality highlights the bond between you both and it either turns into a commitment or it could finish.  Either way it is the force of reality that neither party can escape from.

It is all about your root foundations and getting them sorted out once and for all.  In your heart you long for a place to call home and this week is all about deciding where that is or how to make your current abode homely and a reflection of you.  Perhaps you will pick up the trowel or the decorating tools or even start house hunting.  Family may need some sort of support at this time and this may prompt you to get involved and help them out. 

This is a chilled out time, the calm after the storm, I expect you have been pushing yourself to the limit and now the pressure is off and you can enjoy some fun and leisure time to recharge your batteries.  Opportunities and invites are likely to come your way and with a little effort on your part you can capitalise on the beneficial energy that is flooding towards you.  Give yourself a little pampering Virgo – you deserve it.

With Mars still very active in your sign this is giving you the impetus and drive to get things moving, you could literally move mountains with this rocket of energy sizzling away inside of you.  Nothing is impossible right now as long as you direct this force into something that takes energy or needs doing you can achieve so much.  On the other hand you could find that you are a little touchy within a relationship and you may need to think before speaking so you don’t land yourself in hot water. 

You feel you know where you are at and have got to the point where you are quite comfortable with your surroundings and routine.  In fact you do not want things to change, you like your life at the moment, however, this week expect something unexpected and try not to let it ruffle your feathers too much.  The one thing in life that is constant is change and not all change is disruptive but instead can add another colour to your palette. 

You are wound up like a coil lately, pushing against what seems to be an almighty rock that you just can’t move out of the way.  The key to this week is to find another way, think outside of the box, do not be afraid to try new things, pioneer your journey out of the situation.  If you are pushing then stop, change tactic.  Friends and acquaintances prove very helpful right now, so networking will reap rewards and get you back on track. 

There is light at the end of a tunnel, happiness at the end of the rainbow.  An intense situation is coming to an end and you will want to build bridges and put into place a support structure for the future.  Connections and emotional bonds with family develop and you find a new level of communicating with each other that is easier and productive.   Things that were hidden now come to the fore and it is easier to see the truth.

A change is as good as a rest and for you there is no greater fact than that this week.  A break away or a holiday or even a change in routine will be like a breath of fresh air and will blow the cobwebs away allowing you to look at your life and its challenges with a new perspective.  You are likely to be more sensitive to atmospheres right now and can pick up on under currents, your radar is right on track.

Old wounds have a chance of healing; this is a beneficial time for you, when all seems to flow.  You are in the right current, in the right river and heading in the right direction with nature.  The things that are usually a struggle seem to be easier and all starts to fit into place.  Your intuition is spot on and this enables you to navigate your way through the residue, the after effects of an old storm.  Interacting with those that are special in your life brings rewards.

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