Saturday, 1 March 2014


This is an emotional time for you when you are likely to be far more receptive and sensitive to atmospheres and environmental changes.  Small things can trigger memories that can start a chain reaction of feelings within.  You will need more ‘you’ time this week so make sure that you give yourself some space to recharge.  In some areas patience is the key so do not give up at the first hurdle, perhaps the time is not quite right but soon it maybe.

You may be surprised this week as different routes start to appear that you can now consider and although you had your heart set on one way of moving forward it does not hurt to have a plan b.  A lot more will be revealed as the week progresses, someone you are close to could step in and help you take something to another level.  By combining skills you are able to take this further than you ever could going it alone.

Keep the approach original and unpredictable and you can’t go wrong this week, this is not the time to keep quiet, but to speak out directly the ‘truth’ as you see it.  Your intuition is spot on and serving you well right now and you have no problem in questioning authority to find answers.  Your sharp mind will let you know what you need to sort out with another and your keen observations will allow you to get there.

Sometimes it comes to a point where you can’t fight everyone’s battles for them and you realise that you do not have to fight all confrontations and things that appear like battles in your own life either.  Some things you can just let go of as they are just not worth the energy it would take for the response you would get in return.  However, nurture the things that hold the most meaning for you and they will nurture you back tenfold.

It is time to set things straight, catch your breath and take the time to think things through.  You are finding your way through the latest maze but this time you are doing it with the experience of having been in a similar situation before.  Once something triggers that enthusiastic energy within you- there is no stopping you and nothing can steer you off course, especially if it comes from your heart.  Listen to your inner voice and charge forth.

A bridge that is broken has been playing on your mind and you will feel compelled to take steps to repair and rebuild that link.  Perhaps it is time to clear the air and start afresh.  It becomes obvious this week as to who loves you for who you are and those who love being with you purely for what you can give them.  Some honest exchanges are perhaps on the cards so that a stronger relationship can exist in the future.

At the moment these are poignant days for you, there is so much going on and major issues are up for consideration and need you to take some kind of action.   The areas you need to progress and move things on will become obvious and you will have some kind of external pressure for you to take positive steps towards achieving what needs to be done.  Others are watching you right now and your reputation is also in the limelight.

If only you were aware of your own power you would understand how others react to your magnetic energy.  You feel things with far more intensity than some of the other signs and this brings far more depth and power to any present moment because of the weight behind it.  This week though what you really need is a good laugh and having some light hearted fun will do you the world of good. By the weekend the weight of a responsibility you have been shouldering eases.

You are likely to be slightly wired this week and any hint of unpredictability can seem to rock your boat far easier than usual.  Even though you are one of the social signs of the zodiac, you too need an element of time alone to ponder and contemplate where things are going and what it is you really want in it all.  The unknown, the unexplored, these issues can be asking you to question just how much you wish to embrace, when the home fires are calling you.

The ‘builder knoweth best’ and this line applies to you -  right now is all about building on what you have achieved in the past and also building for the future.  One step at a time will get you there, slowly, cautiously but accurately and definite as you place each foot firmly in front of each other on the climb up the mountain.  As each foot is done with such surety there is little that will be able to rock you from your spot.  Help from a trusted friend will be welcomed.

Many times you have been known as the objective one, the one that does not get emotionally involved and uses their wit and mental pace to navigate through stormy waters.  Your apparent objectivity and detachment, however, is a natural defence mechanism that prevents you from getting hurt.  This week you are being asked to take an emotional risk, surrender and slip into those waters of feeling, there is an opportunity to deepen a connection with another. 

There is some emotional relief coming your way, something that has been causing you great worry may soon be water under the bridge; soon an event occurs to calm the waters of concern.  Your faith is restored in humanity and an old friend or connection could surprise you with a loving gesture of support.  This is a period of sifting out, sorting out and figuring out, so be open to see another side of someone, a change of attitude may be a pleasant surprise.