Saturday, 7 June 2014

Monthly Horoscope for June 2014

June is the month of the unexpected, things that surprise you, that you could never have imagined would occur – do.  Situations will be created that will enable you to speed up the course of your plans.  Be careful not to be too demanding with a loved one, your impatience may get to someone close, they will need more time than you to come to terms with something.  Collaborations will prove to be profitable.  If it seems towards the end of June that nothing is moving as fast as you would like, then have patience, solutions will be found and the end result will be more satisfying than you could have imagined.

If you are looking for new opportunities or a new job then this month there will be a chance for expansion – a promotion or profitable long term change could be on the cards. It is not all down to luck but it does play its part and fortunately for you Jupiter is shining down on you right now.  A love relationship is set to flourish and you may think of making it a more permanent feature in your life.  Mutual understanding seems easy in June, even if you are unattached; there are contacts that enter your life that could prove to be extremely interesting.

Keep those expectations within the realms of ‘normal’ and you will not be disappointed particularly when it comes to money issues.  This is because tension and stress seem to be involved when this subject is under scrutiny.  Family and the material side of your life are your main focus, especially the younger generation, whom you will find that you share a unique affinity with.   By 18th June if you are dealing with contracts make sure you double check the facts and figures as you could be a bit absent minded in the last two weeks of this month. 

On the monetary front June will allow you to get on with the things that you have wanted to for so long, especially if you have put the effort in over the previous two months, positive and productive days are ahead.  There could be news of a change on the horizon and socially this will be a time of fun and pulling together with those of similar goals.  On the relationship front your partner is finding a new level of relating to you that matches your ideals, allowing you to feel more content.

Take your time when making decisions this month especially around 24th June as impulsive moves on your part could end up being hard to reverse.  You could find yourself attracted to someone who you look up to in some way or who has a high social status, these friendships could work wonders for your own personal advancement.  Your ambitions are likely to become a bit more daring particularly within your career.  Make sure you get adequate rest this month as you have had a tendency for overdoing it lately and some indulgences may have taken a toll.

A change in the usual routine is on the cards and you will welcome the variety that now enters your life.  Your daily existence has been given a breath of fresh air and your love life is heating up, becoming warmer and sensual. This is a time of re-balance, allowing your body to get adequate recuperation, to put your relationships back on track so that they bring even more stability and satisfaction.  Where you life has recently known extremes, this month is all about bringing it all into harmony.

We see a bold courageous Libra this month and normally you are so tactful and diplomatic, this is likely to surprise those close to you.  Unexpected situations could arise especially within your love life; however, you will also be exerting yourself and are far more confident in this area.  Your family and close friends become extremely important to you and perhaps you learn to open up and put more trust their way.  This is a month for seeing yourself with more clarity realising what is important to you.

Special attention will be coming from you towards someone you love and you will feel compelled to take the time to enhance this area of your life, this influence will continue throughout most of June until about 23rd.  Your finances will receive a boost and you will feel as though you have more freedom to use your money as you wish.  The worries of the past few months will slowly be receding and from 24th June you will be changing your lifestyle considerably to reflect your changing personality and inner drives.

Up until the 17th June it is time to focus on your own requirements and needs, this still means keeping up commitments to others but putting your own wants first in line with your specific goals.  From 25th June the motion changes and someone close to you will need some support and you may have to put some of your plans on the back burner.  It is up to you at that time to keep an eager eye on the long term goal and not be put off or dissuaded in any way from achieving that which you know will be a success.

Your skills of observation have become heightened this month and this will allow you to use your sharpness of mind and disciplined approach to make things happen.  You have great insight to move ahead and can see what needs to be done long before those around you.  When it comes to relationships keep the communication lines of honesty well open and make the time to get things off your chest if you need to – it will bring you both closer together in the long run. 

There could be the possibility of meeting someone special this June; the chance of flirtatious encounters is high leading to romantic and sensual liaisons.  This is a month of frivolous fun and enjoyment where you can let your hair down without too much worry of tomorrow.  There is an infectious optimism about you that is awakening your thirst for life and giving an appealing factor for those in your company.  Be spontaneous and you will enjoy being able to go with the flow, this will enhance your creativity and inspire your mind. 

The beginning of June could bring a few tensions within your family circle, making you feel a need to be somewhere else.  However, this is a good period for mending things and negotiating contracts, even DIY will be easier at this point.  Your personal life is more poignant than your career right now.  It is possible that you will work from home and will need the support of a family member to assist your new role.  By mid June you will be craving some space to allow a bit of peace and harmony to flood in and help rebalance your emotions.