Thursday, 31 July 2014

Monthly Horoscope for August 2014 by Cathy Stronach

August is all about spreading your wings, to be daring and launch yourself into an adventure.  If in a relationship this month proves a time to get closer and rekindle the flame, if single there will be opportunities for falling in love as others will be attracted to your enthusiastic and energetic presence.  There is an increased chance to enjoy yourself and to live life to the full.  In the first part of August family will play an important role and you could find yourself playing referee in a family dispute.  Towards the end of August a relationship will be put to the test and this will allow you to sort out the real world from the dream world. 

Keeping things running smoothly within your domestic life will take up a lot of your time up till 23rd.  Relationships need structuring and there will be obligations and changes to the foundations of your life that will need attention, however, once these are sorted out, the pathway clears and opens up before you to reveal a calmer and yet exciting vision for the future.  This month will have its tense moments as it is pushing you to clarify your intentions in your private life.  There will also be an option in business for starting to nurture a project that is close to your heart. 

Your daily life has been demanding for a while and throughout August the picture does not change that much, there will be little time to allow yourself to be distracted from focusing on your goals.  Managing your affairs and finances will take president and charting a course for the future to ensure that you can navigate to avoid the possible stormy seas will be in the forefront of your mind.  Partners may be feeling neglected so make sure that you make some quality time for loved ones and look at what you do have in your life, remembering that the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

Saturn is still weighing over your love life encouraging you to face fundamental issues, limitations and the measures that need to be taken to enable you to breathe more freely and live more in line with your needs and desires.  This month, however, finds you in a light hearted mood which others may misinterpret if they dare to think you have lost your hidden depth, this can work to your advantage as it will allow others to be more relaxed in your company and they will reveal their intentions quickly.  Cooperation is the key to success this August and you will be rediscovering your confidence in yourself and your partner.

Your charisma and energy levels will be receive a welcome boost for the first part of August; it may not be enough to breathe life into a stagnating relationship though.  You may prefer to withdraw from the scene as you think back towards memories of the past.  After 12th August this interim period finds its own level and passions are reformed as you rediscover your taste for seduction and love.  August give you the legs to rediscover your popularity, enthral your imagination and experience success.  Try not to judge others too harshly it is better to take the sensitive approach to any situation.  There could be feelings of doubts as you will be asking yourself fundamental questions, you with the current Leo and see where the tide takes you.

Until 23rd August your life will not always feel like your own, there will be commitments, challenges and hard work that needs to be done for you to align yourself with your aspirations and goals.  After this date it would be a good time to retire from that scene and have a holiday or a change of scenery in order to relax down while you wait for the harvest.   Towards the end of August you will be reflecting on things, if you have any doubts that may temporarily darken your thoughts then do not indulge them, keep positive but bear them in mind and always questions your motive.  Friends will play a supportive role this month.

A social butterfly that flits around from one gathering to the next using your charm and encouraging nature to influence those around you.  You will exert your powers of attraction to boost your business affairs and further your status, getting your message across smoothly to those in high places. Status and furthering your plans is top priority for you rather than maintaining existing relationships.  After 12th August travel will be on your mind although you will probably prefer to travel within a group.  This is a month for battling away at business and career concerns just keep your partner’s needs in mind and use a spirit of compromise so that they do not feel too neglected.

Getting your relationships on track and heading in the right direction is everything at the start of the month, you will be aiming for harmony and progress.  In other areas you will be on the ball and woe betide anyone that tries to stand in your way or upset you as you will not hesitate to take control and exercise your will.  There may be certain expectations that you will feel pressure on you to meet and I suspect you will be weighing this up as to which commitments you feel ready for and those that can wait a while longer.  Watch out for the green eyed monster within towards the end of August things may not be as they first appear.

There is a drive and a wish for change, a desire to do something new and in an innovative way.  Until 23rd you will be pushing back a few boundaries so that your key relationships can move forward.  Having said this think carefully before making an uncalculated plunge into the unknown, this is not a time for risk taking or acting on impulse.  Anxieties that are linked to memories that you will chew over, releasing repressed anger which could resurface as a result are likely to occur at this time and none of which will give you very good advice.  Take your time do not react under a misunderstanding.  Your life will open up shortly you just need to confront a few issues to allow it to happen.
Financially these are worrying times for you right now and you will be focused upon looking at the finances, making investments or paying off debts.  Changes in the daily financial routine are likely to occur and this can have a knock on effect to your lifestyle.  All will be resolved by 23rd and you will re-establish a balance.  If there have been things left unsaid after 12th you will be inviting your partner to share and open up, you will make the first move if there has been conflict and hold out the olive branch.  You will be giving your dreams full reign this August and it is your intention to review your mission in life and undergo a complete transformation.   Do not be too tempted to speed things up before they are ready to be accepted by those who mean a lot to you.

Until 12th August, you may have difficulty in extracting yourself from your obligations or the demands of your boss, who will know how to play you and get the most out of you by some form of manipulation.  When it comes to love you are more cautious at the moment and will not look upon this part of your life with the same light heartedness you used to.  Around 18th a relationship may become more intense and you could decide to live together or make a casual encounter more permanent.  This is a month divided by emotional commitments and a potential rift in your working life which will take a lot of your energy levels to tackle.   Stay on your chosen path and take one day as it comes, spread the feeling of pressure by living in the moment instead of thinking of the future.

You will find it hard to get away completely from a demanding everyday existence, which will seem to want to keep your nose to the grind. The Sun will boost and protect your activities on all fronts, favouring your promotion, recognition or establishment of an activity which requires your full involvement.  There could be setbacks or apprehension that will effectively disrupt your plans but this will only aid in helping you to think twice about a chosen course and weigh things up more objectively.   This is a hard working month and can have its frustrations entangled within it.  You have the ability to pull things off and forget the tension that is weaving its way around you.

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