Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monthly Horoscope for July 2014

The first part of July offers opportunities to start new projects, it will be easier than usual to make calculated decisions and be on the ball in negotiations.  There is movement especially in the area of your immediate environment where you speech or writing is likely to influence others that are in close contact with you.   It is a great month for get-together’s and general fun.   By mid July the focus moves to you contemplating your property or premises of some kind as financially this can be an optimistic time.  There could be an improvement to a health condition or a medical solution could be found.

It is the little by little, the step by step process that is going to bring you victory.  Rome was not built in a day but through consistent effort and focus you can and will achieve your goals and ambitions.   Rushing any plans might result in a backlog and imperfections in the job so if you want to start instigating changes be it a new job, improved health or a more stable relationship then it is time to begin planning and take one small step every day and every day you creep ever closer.   By the end of July Mars is leaving Taurus' house of dis-ease, so if you've had health problems in the last eight months, you can now expect them to decrease.

You enter July with the planets highlighting the importance of the material sphere, Venus brings you opportunity for success through chance, especially towards the end of the month.  There could be a risk of higher or unpredicted expenses but this is offset with a higher income than usual.  On 16th July a new era begins heralding a year of progress and satisfaction where you grow bolder as your accomplishments become greater.  The bright side of life shines down on you and this will increase your optimism and enthusiasm for life and love.

In July 2014 Jupiter is set to leave the sign of Cancer and the tempo is likely to change, certain pressures are likely to drop, you will be less stressed and more able to reconsider your priorities in life.  On July 18th Venus moves in to bring more sensuality into your life, allowing you to enjoy beauty, harmony and the cooperation of others.  Relationships will become smoother.  However the Sun is in your sign making you stand out, highlighting your skills and image right now, leading to success.  Your mind is more alert and ideas will come easily - your confidence allows you to deliver with the right timing.

You love to make big gestures and this month is no exception.  There is something about you that has a charismatic quality that needs to be able to radiate.  July promises a lot of fun and brings sentimental opportunities in social situations.  On July 16th 2014 Jupiter enters Leo this signifies the beginning of a year of accomplishments, opportunities for expansion and optimism in which life will be exciting and things will happen to your advantage.   As long as you do not over indulge or go to extremes this can be a very beneficial time where you can achieve a lot of things. 

There is a greater need for love and closeness this month, family interactions are important along with a balance of fun and friendships.   All in all, July 2014 will be splendid for promoting your image, for relationships with bosses and/or authorities, for success and recognition.  Things are likely to work out by themselves without much effort on your part, accomplishments come easier and you will receive cooperation from others to aid you on your chosen journey.  Towards the end of July make sure that you get adequate rest and do not burn yourself out by too much activity.

It is all about relationships this month and you will be working hard to create harmony within an existing partnership, towards the end of July relationships will be finding a new level, the pressure will drop and it will be easier to relate to each other with more consideration.  However, this is a period of accomplishments, especially from cultural activities connected to trips or travel.  Popularity in the professional arena is likely and you could find support from unlikely sources.  After 28th you will find it easier to present your projects to others and come across as a confident and intelligent speaker.

Life seems to be getting better and better for you this month and it continues to improve.  The thing that makes it so good is your relationships with others. Whether you are moving around with strangers, chatting with friends or collaborating with others, the very interaction and mutual warmth is food for your soul.  On July 19th 2014 Venus moves into your house of higher education and long-distance love whilst cherishing intellectual and spiritual communion.  This is a good time for research, travel or getting pen on paper and writing and you could find an interest or hobby connected with a different culture.

Sometimes you have to give yourself a break, restricting yourself too much is not healthy long term for a free spirit like you, so instead focus on recharging your batteries.  This is a good time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  The first part of July 2014 could become excellent for spending time together with a loved one or for meeting someone you might share your life with.  It is possible that you may receive a proposition for collaboration; relations with the public and clients will be good and profitable.  By late July gifts or circumstances may occur that will help you recuperate something or regain some rights of yours.

This is a time to be creative in your work and at the same time consolidate your relationships with those that you work with.  On the personal front you probably hoped life had calmed down but just as it seems that way, it speeds up particularly for this month.  You may find it hard to de-stress particularly at home, there always seems to be something happening and most of the time the interruptions are unexpected.   Time spent with nature and enjoying the peace and tranquillity give you a sense of revitalisation.  When contemplating on a health issue the answers are probably right in front of you, space and time spent recharging your batteries will allow you to solve the puzzle. 

Expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to phone calls, messages, emails and unannounced guests.  This is likely to be quite a social time even if you have nothing at all planned in.   You may find that you are more sensitive and receptive to external stimuli and this can give your relationship a boost as a more sensual you comes forward this month.   People will be attracted to you and flock to see you perform so if you have something to show off then now is the time.  You could also assume the role or position of leader and have to deal with organising and taking charge of a situation to make sure it runs smoothly.

You have a strong tendency this July to absorb everything like a sponge and may be more influenced than you realise by the people you move with.  This is why it helps to focus on the positive rather than anything that might be too intense or negative.  July, however, has the potential to be the month of enjoyment, a feast for the body and soul.  Work will not seem like work this month and you will be able to self-promote quite easily.  You could find that you have a lot of physical energy and enthusiasm for physical activities, just be careful not to overdo it all straight away and take the time to increase your stamina gently.  

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