Sunday, 25 January 2015

Horoscopes for February 2015 by Cathy Stronach

How you wish things could be simpler than they are, but know this, eventually any complexities will lead you to a more satisfactory life in the long run.  The beginning of February will be like taking a slow deep breath before rushing headlong into the storm.  After 20th you will have the opportunity to work with teams of people that will help you to secure your goals, it is through others and a joint effort that progress and stability is ensured.  


This is a month of romance and is a good period to focus your energies on building your relationship with your partner, through communication you can reach greater heights between you, or if single a love interest could come along.  If there is a period towards the end of February when you cannot be together you will feel the pull greatly.  You will be noticed on the work front and receive positive feedback increasing your supporters and popularity. 

This month it is likely that you will feel things more deeply than usual.  This may encourage you to listen to your feelings over any logical decision.  Even though things may not make sense right now, go with your gut instinct, perhaps there is a greater picture you are not consciously aware of.  This is a great month for studying, researching, writing and editing, trips, meetings and negotiations.  The last week of February indicates financial benefits and professional accomplishment.  

This month is all about routine and the sharing of responsibility within the home.  There could be romantic or sentimental trip which will stimulate your cultural and spiritual side.  The second part of the month indicates an adventure with surprises and unexpected turning points.  Opportunities can appear at any time especially in the career arena as long as you remain open to adapt and make changes as required.  In financial matters, exercise prudence throughout this time.


Old roots rear their head, there is something you just can’t quite shake, it is only through communication, discussions, correspondence that will clarify how you feel.  Perhaps there will be a trip to take or a reunion to attend.  By 24th solutions will start to appear and the over thinking and worry will reduce.  Money issues will be on your mind this month, perhaps you are thinking of purchasing or investing in something, weigh all options carefully and take your time.  Make sure you take adequate rest to recoup your energy.

For you it really is a big month, with an ambitious attitude you are ready to take the world on.  Nothing will make you give up the struggle to get to where you want to be or to whom you want to be with.  You could become captivated by what you do and yet there are other situations which will make you think harder about the way you organise your life and your aims as to where you are heading.  Finances will have ebb and flow meaning you will receive money and then spend it, I doubt there will be much saving done.  Head down, work hard and you will reach the top of the mountain much quicker than you anticipated.

This is a crazy month when your love life joins with Uranus indicating changes, the unexpected and also surprises.  Passions will be stirred from within, emotions intense and electrical attractions, sparks will fly.  Problems not dealt with will also be stirred up during this aspect most likely after 11th so make sure that you iron out any misunderstandings straight away.  Towards the last two weeks of February you will be overflowing with creativity and ideas coming up with solutions to what seemed insurmountable problems earlier. 

Watch out, Scorpio you are like a tornado of energy this month, leading you to have memorable adventures and an eagerness for life, you will amaze, enchant and astound others with your stories.  You may work on changing your image in some way, in fact, in this whirl you will be as a soldier on a battlefield, fully charged, launching an assault on the objectives you have set for yourself.  Fast precise actions full of adrenaline.  Watch your health and take time to recharge - but what an excellent time to repaint or redecorate. 

A rather be a solitary period is before you in the first couple of weeks of February, however, you will welcome this and cherish your privacy as this is a period of analysis and contemplation as you evaluate and examine what expectations you have of another and what you can offer in return.
There could be a thirst for freedom as you have a feeling of an obstacle being in your way - intelligence and diplomatic negotiations will eventually win through.  Your income is likely to increase steadily particularly towards the end of February and you will feel more relaxed and sociable.

Be careful that you can deliver what you promise especially in the first two weeks, your enthusiasm indicator will be high and you will feel that you can achieve anything without fully thinking through the implications.  You could speak a lot with your loved one, make a plan or persuade them to do something that you feel would benefit your relationship.  Intellectual activities, training, or absorbing knowledge and information are highlighted and you would do well if you deal in commerce or any type of trading.   

Are you seeking more attention than usual?  Perhaps you expect another to treat you differently, however, they will not know where they are  faltering,  unless you tell them.   This month you radiate energy and magnetism, full of strength, confidence and competence.  In the first two weeks of February let your focus be capitalising on networking opportunities - from this you get tangible monetary results.  Watch out in the last two weeks that you do not overindulge in spending or sustenance as excesses or extremes will not do you much good.  

Your feelings this month are nothing short of tumultuous and you will express these, at times, in a dramatic way, making February a steamy month.  A situation will lead to a raising of awareness within and you will get very involved in what you do by taking the initiative and striving to achieve.  You will be energetic, determined and totally efficient - a formidable combination.  Do not bite off more than you can chew, in order to be successful you will need tact, strategy and caution.  Home comforts will bring a lot of pleasure.