Sunday, 1 March 2015

Horoscopes for March 2015 by Cathy Stronach

March will bring a feeling of inner strength and deliberation in everything that you set out to achieve.  The courageous pioneer will spring to life and you will rise like a phoenix out of the ashes.  There may have been a powerful influence over you from a close friend that could have hampered your joy for a while, now you will have the opportunity to change the situation to a positive outcome. 

Do not commit to complicated decisions that you do not quite understand as your judgement may be clouded or blinded by complex wording this month.  Seek advice and exercise caution in legal matters and the truth will shine through – this is not a time for impulsive action.  There will be opportunities to improve your financial standing by late March if you stick to the path.  Problems in personal relationships bring a chance for resolution; the only saboteur in the situation is likely to be yourself. 

Finances and business is set to flourish with the blossoming of spring, there is a lot of potential on the entrepreneurial horizon.  This month, think out of the box and you will be surprised at the bizarre results and the resulting opportunity to reveal the idea and plan to others.  Collaboration is key to success and if the risk is minimal – go for it.  If there is tension with a loved one then it may just be a case of simple reassurance.

In March 2015 you have more freedom of action, an air of negativity has lifted from your life and you feel able to go with your own sense of flow.  If you have your own business then profitable contracts are likely.  Just remember that Rome was not built in a day.  Competitors may even offer cooperation which can take things to a new level.  Do not be afraid of responsibility and rise to the challenge.  A choice on the love front may be imminent – a dilemma will be resolved by you. 

This is a stable and productive time for you with a visit to old places and a chance to revisit some old friends.  March becomes a family time when it will feel important to you to touch base with your roots.  Keep on top of all plans that you have in mind and this will help you to carve out a path for the future.   Relationships move from stable to stale and vice versa and you will be evaluating them and what you feel you need.

There is an entire spectrum of unique possibilities looming so stay on the ball and do not miss an opportunity that is staring you in the face.   Finances will not give you too much bother this month and even tasks that seem tiresome will not prove to be too much hassle.  By mid March you will know what you should do to reach your peak and attain those goals you have been working so hard to achieve.  Optimise your time and perfect those techniques – then nothing can stop you. 

Listen to your heart this March, you will find that it does not make mistakes, and will serve you well.  Keep calm and methodical and work through things at a steady pace this will enable you to keep on the ball.   Optimise your resources as much as possible you already have everything you need it just needs to be re-juggled.  When it comes to relationships it does not seem to matter what card you play the answer remains the same.  Just know that time is on your side and make sure you know precisely what you want. 

There will be a chance to reach your goals whilst creating a powerful base for further development.  This is a supportive and positive month particularly in the second half when your mind will be sharp and objective enabling you to analyse and structure.  Taking the initiative will be easy for you and others may look for you to do exactly this.  Your charisma, diplomatic and empathic qualities will win over others and bring to halt problematic situations. 
There may be a need to depend on the support of other people in accomplishing your objectives right now. Situations and people will be around to support and open up doors on your behalf.    Domestic concerns and emotional factors can dominate over your personal ambitions and career goals, therefore, concentrate on domestic harmony and this will help to attain future professional goals.  Investments may prove profitable.  Make sure you taking adequate rest so that you do not burn out.

A severe rise in your daily productivity along with a rise in your energy levels is imminent.  Things are going to sort themselves out and you will be moving in the right direction focusing on a key area of personal development within yourself.  Think twice before speaking as someone close to you could be a bit sensitive right now and take your words the wrong way.   If something does not go the way it should, then diplomacy will allow you to negate most conflicts without spending emotional resources.
There will be a unique chance to start everything over - if you wanted to change your work place then now will be the time to do it. You will be capable of fulfilling any idea that you want. In March all doors are open to you, you just need the desire and the concentration. Be prepared for your lover to suddenly take your relationship to a whole other level. If you are not married, then everything will be quite simple and evident.  If you are married then more intimacy is likely.

Your intuition is spot on and any health problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.  There are many unforgettable moments lined up for March with your earnings rising considerably.  Your life may change drastically, it all depends on the decisions that you make in this first month of spring. Concentrate on your desires; do not doubt yourself and your goals.  Something will change in you and the world around you will follow the change.