Saturday, 2 May 2015

Horoscopes for May 2015 by Cathy Stronach

May brings movement, it is about taking action and making things happen, if you have felt held back, then there will be nothing stopping you from making the first move.  Unexpected events and unplanned emotional realisations could occur within your relationships, there will be a romantic undercurrent to any restlessness and a situation from the past could easily come back to the present.  Your powers of concentration may not be at their best so any tedious work will require you to pull on the qualities of patience and caution in order to do your best. 

Significant situations and events raise their head this May; this will highlight the importance of relationships and also stimulate the desire within.  Tact is the key word as after 15th there is a focus on the material world and this may prevail over romanticism, your focus is likely to remain there till mid June.  An ambitious time for you raising the competitive bar within, do not rely on others, but make sure you tackle sudden changes by tying up the loose ends yourself.  Financially this is a month for caution.

A relationship goes from strength to strength; a new rapport between you is ignited.    Generally all is relatively calm until after 15th May when situations could feel more urgent and you will take the initiative and will want to push things along.  There is also the risk, though, of acting impulsively or ending up in tension and conflicts. Towards the end of May marks a period of analysis, review, renewal and re-launch.  You can do great things at this time but only with calm, patience and attention.

You are the seductive goddess this May when the presence of Venus will enhance your sensuality and enthusiasm.  There is a desire for harmony, tenderness and understanding, however, you can also become hot-headed if you feel misunderstood.  Through grace and tact you will find the necessary resources to achieve your professional objectives easier.  Diplomacy and personal charm will open doors and if you are dealing with an audience, art, beauty, elegance or comfort, you will even have a bigger advantage.

There could be external obstacles that you think are in the way of a relationship being given a chance to really blossom.  Perhaps distance is a problem and you will just have to bide your time – patience is needed here.  You will, however, have a load of determination to overcome any obstacle, or even to fight for the underdog, use this time to reflect and plan for the future.  Your energy levels are likely to be high so this is a great time to undertake a project and see it through. 
Expect the unexpected as in new, unusual and surprising.  This is a great time to study and to absorb information, perhaps an older goal will come back to the fore bringing you a lot of satisfaction.  You could feel a bit anxious at times but having order and timing off pat will help to alleviate some of the stress.  Romantically this is a stable month that brings emotional support and balanced communication with a loved one.  Do not set yourself too many goals but instead focus on one and set out to accomplish it.

This May is an exploration into new territories whether they are mental or physical.  There could be an intellectual or cultural challenge coming your way and you will have the support of someone close to you.  Investments and profits are looking good and you connections in high places will serve you well.  Do not miss any opportunity to socialise as this will bring benefits.  This is a time to receive benefits without having to put too much effort in.  Make sure you take adequate rest and watch your diet.

This is likely to be an active period for your partner, when they take initiative and seek to prove their abilities.  Taking the first step towards joining efforts with your loved one to reach a shared objective is likely to bring great rewards.  Cultural and spiritual affinities are important factors in Scorpio's sentimental choices as they can create connection bridges and can open gates to other horizons. There will be an opportunity to make allies or win an important contract.  Take care of yourself as your energy levels may feel lower than usual.

Older issues may raise their heads and come under scrutiny ready for a renewed discussion to reach more clarification.  Although you will feel full of energy and quite passionate, you could also be a bit hasty and rash at times.   All discussions are focused on bringing shared goals into the fore and harmony within the home. 
On the work level your efforts will be appreciated, your authority recognized and you can achieve great results. Be patient with the others, listen to them carefully; making sure messages are delivered correctly to avoid misunderstandings.

There is a light heartedness about you and you could do with a change of environment to go with your own flow and relax down a bit.  You are exuding magnetism right now and depending on the situation you are in and on what you want, you can now start a new relationship or you can re-launch an existing one.  Following your goals with tenacity and diplomacy, establishing new partnerships and close profitable deals is highlighted and although the pressure will be high and critical situations may occur, which will require prompt decisions and fast interventions; this decision making will come naturally to you.

May is an energetic and spontaneous time for you and by 12th you will be seeking an adventure, bubbling over with feelings of passion with crazy romantic thoughts.  There will be an opportunity to enjoy your daily work and projects that have links with creativity you will excel at.  Working with others will help increase profitability and reputation allowing you to shine at your chosen vocation.  Watch your nerves this month as all this exciting energy could start to burn you out and make some ‘chill out’ time for you.

PiscesHaste, lack of reflection, problems related to accommodation, parents or other family members, delays, changes of heart, could lead to decisions made quickly without enough thought behind them.  Stress is likely to be caused by home or family perhaps someone will need your support.  Moderation is the key so give yourself time for adequate reflection.  On the work front although it may seem as though you are moving slowly in reality you are covering more ground than ever for everything you do is done with deliberation and intent.