Tuesday, 30 June 2015

HOROSCOPES FOR JUNE 2015 By Cathy Stronach

Relationships are set to bring you a lot of emotional fulfilment, cupid is hard at work and this could be a very happy time for you.  There will be an opportunity for you to display your talents and creativity with sparkle allowing change, progress and development to occur within your professional life.  Plans being put into motion with regard to new projects could be financially rewarding.  Your energy is likely to be high towards the end of June when a spring in your step becomes the norm. 

Your home is your castle this month and there is nothing you would like more than to spend some quiet time with family and close friends.   Emotionally, you favour stability and security at the moment not wanting any drama or to take risks.  You will likely focus on investing in your home or real estate and will want to make your home beautiful and more comfortable.  Watch excesses of all kinds on the health front, everything in moderation – including spending.

You are fuelled by fire this June, adrenaline levels run high, emotions and desires manifest themselves unexpectedly – you cannot wait to be provoked.  Progress is practically guaranteed, your innovative spirit is infectious.  You will not be afraid to say what you think and your communication will be bold and courageous.  Many issues that have seemed cloudy or ethereal will become clear and resolutions will be imminent.  Rewards will come as a natural consequence of your achievements. 

Financial, professional and relationships issues could be merged this month, perhaps you will be working with your partner, or making decisions together regarding money and career moves.  Either way, the influence leads to positive results.  Financially this could be a lucky time, however, be careful how you go about things you may have to do some behind the scenes manoeuvring.  You are coming up with a series of ideas and initiatives, but for now they’re in the making, there is still work to be done. 

Love is in the air and you will experience some happy times, there are concerns that things may not be as they appear, with some complicated moments occurring.  Development and success are drawn to you like a magnet this month with interesting project proposals heading your way.  Your organisational skills will put you in the position of leader and others will turn to you to point the way.  Be careful that you do not run the risk of burning out – do not overdo it. 

Misunderstandings that occurred within the last few weeks find themselves becoming resolved, situations become clear, actions result in success.  Important insights into emotions and relationships occur.  Within you there is a great desire to take the initiative, action with an ambitious attitude placing you in a strong position, well coordinated and on track for success.  In the later part of the month you will be far more relaxed, calm and disciplined.

June and early July are a social time for you, where you will be attending gatherings and will be meeting new people with shared interests.  Cultural callings beckon you to travel and spread your wings.  Studies and research can not only transport you to take a different perspective on things it can also lead to financial opportunities.  The first part of the month there could be a tense atmosphere with a colleague, however, towards the end of June this fades and the mood is one of light heartedness.  Others are attracted to your carefree spirit and networking becomes second nature.

You can expect important and happy events to happen: romantic proposals or declarations of love, elevating your social status via your partner even meeting someone who’s going to be dear to your soul, a reconciliation or, in some cases, even an engagement or marriage.  Studies, travels, or high social circles might also be involved, this is a time when you could be commended, appreciated or even awarded -you could get promoted, win something, enjoy resonating success.

Big, bold, competitive with a sunny disposition makes you unstoppable right now; you take charge and go for it to get what you want. Early July you may finally settle an issue that’s been bothering you for weeks.  There could be discussions, re-negotiations, re-calculations that also involve someone else, most likely your associates or competitors. If you have to settle a deal or sign a contract, make sure you read the small print.

After June 8th you become aware of subtle details or uncover important information, meant to help you understand how your partner and your relationship functions.  This is a busy time and you will be using a lot of energy, perhaps you will have to face situations that encourage you to make quick decisions.  Despite this pressure you will rise to it and your achievements will be admirable.   Unexpected health topics may crop up make sure that you do not overdo things and run yourself down.

This is a month filled full of happiness, reconciliations, engagements, weddings, travel or beautiful romantic vacations.  It is possible that you may meet someone new and have a lot of fun.  Situations open up new perspectives and your instincts guide you in the right directions, allowing you to use your assets to the max.  You are very open to new things, to experimenting and adventure, full of energy.  Team working brings good results.


It is all about home, whether it is related to building, redecorating or renting a part of the house out.  Practical pursuits beckon at this time and romance takes second place.  There are professional endeavours lingering around, all you need is a good approach strategy.  Working is a pleasure for you now, you might even be passionate about it, and your greatest success comes when you’re using your talents.  June is a good time to analyze, investigate and take energetic measures toward solving any medical issues you might have.